At Tuesday’s noon deadline, Indiana Democratic and Republican party officials had added 18 legislative candidates to the Nov. 8 ballot, reducing the number of uncontested seats this year in the Indiana General Assembly.

Party officials had the option of adding candidates in legislative districts where their parties did not field candidates in the May 3 primaries. Along with Libertarian and other third party candidates also brought onto the general election ballot, the addition of the two Republicans and 16 Democrats still leaves about a third of the 125 legislative seats up for election this year without any opposition at this point.

With the filling of the Democratic and Republican ballot vacancies and the Libertarian and third-party candidacies, the following incumbents have gained opponents in the general election:

— Republican Andy Zay in Senate District 17, facing Democrat Joe Swisher.

— Republican James Buck in Senate District 21, facing Democrat Josh Lowry.

— Republican Gary Byrne in Senate District 47, facing Democrat Kathleen Forte.

— Republican Mark Messmer in Senate District 48, facing Democrat Jeff Hill.

— Republican Dale DeVon in House District 5, facing Democrat Heidi Beidinger.

— Democrat Mike Andrade in House District 12, facing Republican Charles Kallas.

— Republican Jack Jordan in House District 17, facing Democrat James White.

— Republican Tim Wesco in House District 21, facing Democrat Camden Chaffee.

— Republican Craig Snow in House District 22, facing Libertarian Josh Vergeils as well as Democratic primary winner Dee Moore.

— Democrat Chris Campbell in House District 26, facing Republican Fred Dutlinger.

— Republican Jerry Torr in House District 39, facing Democrat Matt McNally.

— Republican Alan Morrison in House District 42, facing Democrat Mark Spelbring.

— Republican Bruce Borders in House District 45, facing Independent Cody Alsman.

— Republican Joanna King in House District 49, facing Democrat Amanda Qualls.

— Republican Ben Smaltz in House District 52, facing Libertarian Morgan Rigg.

— Republican Brad Barrett in House District 56, facing Democrat C. Yvonne Washington.

— Republican Peggy Mayfield in House District 60, facing Democrat Kathy Thorpe.

— Republican Zach Payne in House District 66, facing Democrat Nancy McDevitt.

— Republican Cindy Ledbetter in House District 75, facing Democrat Zack Davis.

— Democrat Ryan Hatfield in House District 77, facing Libertarian Jada Burton.

— Republican Martin Carbaugh in House District 81, facing Independent Abby Norden, who is listed as a write-in candidate.

— Republican Mike Speedy in House District 90, facing Noah Lininger of the Socialism and Liberation Party, who is listed as a write-in candidate.

— Democrat Justin Moed in House District 97, facing Libertarian Edgar Amaro Villegas as well as Republican primary winner John Schmitz.

In House District 25, where Republican incumbent Don Lehe is retiring, Democrats did not field a primary candidate but added candidate Jen Bass-Pitino to the ballot; she will face Republican primary winner Becky Cash in the general election. In House District 73, where Republican incumbent J Davisson did not seek reelection, Democrats did not field a primary candidate but added candidate Mary Pruett to the ballot; she will face Republican primary winner Jennifer Meltzer in the general election.

In House District 93, where Republican incumbent John Jacob lost in the primary to challenger Julie McGurie, Independent Karl Knable was added to the general election ballot; the Democratic candidate in District 93 is Andy Miller. — The Indiana Citizen. This article has been corrected to note that a Democratic candidate, Andy Miller, is running in Indiana House District 93 and to identify Becky Cash as the Republican primary winner in House District 25.


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