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John Krull commentary: Time to own up to our nation’s history

My grandfather was a career educator. He started teaching school even before he finished college. In the early days of the 20th century a person could do that. He started first in the classroom, showed skill at management and leadership and spent the bulk of his career as a principal. He loved the work. The […]

House passes vaccine mandate bill

UPDATE: A House bill that would give employees exemptions to workplace vaccine mandates and end Indiana’s state of emergency passed on to the Senate with a vote of 57-35 Tuesday. All Democrats and seven Republicans voted no on House Bill 1001, which would require businesses implementing a vaccine mandate to have exemptions for medical and […]

City-County Council announces public hearings on redistricting

The Indianapolis City-County Council has announced a series of nine public hearings, one in each of Marion County’s nine townships, on the redistricting process that will take place in 2022. “The effort marks the first time in Indianapolis history that the Council is beginning the redistricting process with a public information and engagement campaign,” according […]

Education bill that drew ridicule for author’s remarks on Nazism is killed, Senate president says

UPDATE: Indiana Senate President Rodric Bray, R-Martinsville, announced Friday that Senate Bill 167, which would have prohibited the teaching of certain topics in Indiana classrooms among other provisions, will not be considered further. In a statement released by the Senate Republican Caucus, Bray said, “Members of the Senate continued to work on Senate Bill 167, […]

‘The government emergency room:’ Chief Justice delivers State of the Judiciary address

Indiana Chief Justice Loretta Rush (above) provided an update Wednesday on the Indiana court system in her State of the Judiciary address, her eighth to date. Rush said she is proud Indiana’s court system has persevered through the last few years of the coronavirus pandemic. She said the three branches of Indiana government work well […]

House committee passes bill for parental review of school curriculum

UPDATE: A controversial Indiana House bill limiting topics discussed in the classroom, requiring teachers to post curriculum materials and adding parental input, was amended and passed in committee, mostly along party lines. House Bill 1134, authored by Rep. Anthony Cook, R-Cicero, is a sister bill to Senate Bill 167, which recently made national news for a comment  by […]

John Krull commentary: Holcomb turns the heat down

Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb had a peculiar political problem as he prepared to deliver his sixth State of the State Address.The Indiana General Assembly was only a week into the 2022 session when he stepped before the lectern in the House chamber. That week, though, has been time enough for legislators to engage in divisive […]

Governor’s State of the State address strikes upbeat tone amid ongoing pandemic

Gov. Eric Holcomb’s sixth State of the State address Tuesday evening—in person after being virtual last year—reflected his legislative agenda in upbeat terms, highlighting successes in the economy, workforce and law enforcement before acknowledging the looming ongoing presence of COVID-19. “Even as we’re contending with the challenges of a global pandemic, we’re simultaneously strengthening our […]

Indiana Black Legislative Caucus tackling racial disparities during 2022 session

Members of the Indiana Black Legislative Caucus said they are working as a group during the 2022 legislative session to help dismantle systems that have harmed Black communities in Indiana. The IBLC, a joint House and Senate caucus of Black legislators, announced its legislative priorities in the halls of the Indiana Statehouse Tuesday. Robin Shackleford, […]

Bill making school board elections partisan meets overwhelming opposition

Over 20 educators, administrators and current school board members from across the state piled into an Indiana Statehouse committee meeting room Tuesday morning to oppose House Bill 1182, which would add political party identifiers to currently nonpartisan school board election ballots. The bill aims to create more transparency and give voters a better idea of what […]