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Charging gerrymandering in GOP plan, redistricting reformers present an alternative map

Above: Proposed Indiana House district map submitted to the Indiana Citizens Redistricting Commission by Fort Wayne schoolteacher Jorge Fernandez.  Redistricting reform groups launched an intensified campaign against Indiana House Republicans’ newly released redistricting proposal on Thursday, citing new academic findings that the new maps are gerrymandered and offering an alternative map that they said would […]

‘Gerrymandering has become an evil art, almost:’ Redistricting was the topic at Indianapolis Recorder town hall meeting

The following was written by Breanna Cooper of the Indianapolis Recorder through The Indiana Citizen redistricting reporting project, which was organized with assistance from the Hoosier State Press Association. Once a decade, Indiana’s congressional district, state Senate and House of Representatives maps are redrawn by the state legislature. While the new maps are based on data […]

House Republicans discuss redistricting process, defend new maps in first committee hearing

A day after releasing most of their proposed congressional and legislative district maps, Indiana House Republicans offered their first public explanation of how they’ve conducted this year’s redistricting process and sought to defend it against charges of gerrymandering. Rep. Greg Steuerwald, R-Avon, the House majority caucus leader and author of the redistricting legislation, was the […]

House adds another public hearing on redistricting, to be held one day after release of maps

UPDATE: The first of the Indiana House Elections and Apportionment Committee meetings for public testimony on proposed congressional and legislative district maps has been scheduled for 1 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 15. The second of two committee meetings will be at 10 a.m. Thursday, Sept. 16. Both will be held in the Indiana House chamber at […]

‘Gerrymandering is sin:” Faith leaders call for fair and open redistricting

The leaders who came to the Indiana Statehouse on Wednesday represented six different faiths but delivered a single message, telling  Indiana lawmakers that the decennial redistricting that they will soon begin is more than a political process. “The only way our democracy in Indiana can be strengthened is a fair and transparent redistricting process … […]

Legislators unveil website for citizens to submit their own proposed redistricting maps

Indiana legislative leaders have announced details on how members of the public can submit their own proposals for the state’s new congressional and legislative districts. The online proposals from the public will be reviewed in advance of the anticipated release of Indiana House Republicans’ redistricting legislation on Sept. 14, according to a posting on the […]

John Krull commentary: Todd Rokita’s odd compulsion

When he was a small boy, Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita must have been the kind of kid who had to touch a hot stove multiple times before he figured out it burned. Time and age haven’t taught him much. The Indiana Supreme Court just rejected—for the second time—Rokita’s attempt to keep a lawsuit filed […]

House, Senate leaders announce redistricting session timetable

Proposed congressional and legislative district maps are expected to be made public beginning on Sept. 14, with public testimony scheduled for two days later, the Indiana House and Senate Republican caucuses announced Monday afternoon. According to the joint announcement from the caucus communications staffs, the following timetable is planned: Sept. 14: “Initial drafts” of proposed […]

Citizens redistricting group invites public to propose maps; competition will offer prizes for the best

The Indiana Citizens Redistricting Commission, a “mulitpartisan” group formed to advise and offer alternatives to the upcoming redistricting process in the Indiana General Assembly, has announced a public competition in which citizens can draw and submit their own congressional and legislative district maps online. “We want to see maps that preserve communities of interest, keep […]

John Krull commentary: They won’t listen because they don’t have to

Power, sadly, often responds only to power. That’s the reality of the redistricting process in which the Indiana General Assembly now is engaged. Advocates for responsible and responsive government made many creative suggestions. They have called for lawmakers to establish a process that allows citizens to submit maps of legislative districts that accurately represent Indiana […]