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NEW FROM THE INDIANA CITIZEN: Trying to improve turnout in Indiana’s partisan primary elections misses the point

The following analysis was written by Bill Moreau, president of the Indiana Citizen Education Foundation and publisher of its online platform, The Indiana Citizen. If you voted in the May 3rd Indiana primary elections, you participated in a taxpayer-funded process that underwrites the parties’ cost of nominating their candidates. And the two major parties have […]

FROM CHALKBEAT INDIANA: What should middle schoolers learn about history? Indiana debates civics standards

This report by Aleksandra Appleton of Chalkbeat Indiana was originally published by Chalkbeat and is republished according to Chalkbeat republishing guidelines. Sign up for their newsletters at May 12, 5:48pm EDT What Indiana does and does not teach about government – such as constitutional amendments beyond the Bill of Rights – is back in […]

PRIMARY ELECTION RESULTS: Few upsets among incumbent success stories in redrawn legislative, congressional districts

The dedicated voters who turned out to vote in Tuesday’s primary — the first since the 2021 redistricting led by the Indiana General Assembly’s Republican supermajorities — sent the message that previous experience in a public office is not necessarily an advantage for a candidate.  Jennifer-Ruth Green defeated Blair Milo, former mayor of LaPorte, for […]

WE’RE HIRING: In partnership with the Indianapolis Recorder, Indiana Citizen reopens search for full-time reporter. Read the job posting here

The Indiana Citizen, a nonpartisan, nonprofit news and information platform focused on the civic health of Indiana, is reopening its search for a full-time reporter on issues of racial justice in our state. For this position, The Indiana Citizen will partner with the Indianapolis Recorder, the nation’s fourth-oldest surviving African American newspaper and a leading […]

CIVIC HEALTH INDEX: With some of the nation’s most restrictive voting laws, Indiana’s turnout dips even lower in national ranks

The 2021 Indiana Civic Health Index unveiled Tuesday showed that although the state has taken its first steps toward improving civic education in its schools, Hoosiers still rank low nationally for participation in the voting process. Civic health can be evaluated statistically through measures such as voter registration and turnout but also takes into account the overall […]

New study finds Indiana among the most gerrymandered states in the U.S.

A new academic study of Indiana’s 2011 redistricting, commissioned by the nonpartisan Women4ChangeIndiana and released Monday, has found “a very large pro-Republican bias” that is among the most extreme in the nation, according to the author, a nationally recognized expert on gerrymandering. Women4ChangeIndiana, an Indianapolis-based group founded to “educate, equip and mobilize Hoosiers to create […]