April 12 2024

‘FOREVER CHEMICALS’: AG Rokita sues PFAS manufacturers for money to test, treat and monitor drinking water

A study by the Indiana Department of Environmental Management found high levels of PFAS in the drinking water of 24 counties. (Photo/ By Marilyn Odendahl The Indiana Citizen April 12, 2024 Indiana filed a lawsuit Wednesday against 22 manufacturers of so-called “forev “...”

April 04 2024

TSF story: Indiana voters have until April 8 to register for May 7 primary

A voter enters a polling place at Scott Hall located at the Johnson County Fairgrounds in 2022. Johnson County is one of 59 vote center counties, meaning citizens can cast their vote at any polling location in the county. (Photo/Isaac Gleitz at By John Aspl “...”

April 02 2024

JUDICIAL SELECTION: City of Hammond appeals to 7th U.S. Circuit Court in challenge to retention voting

(   By Marilyn Odendahl The Indiana Citizen April 2, 2024 In its fight to let Lake County voters directly elect their superior court judges, the city of Hammond has turned to the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals to challenge the retention process and is citing th “...”

March 26 2024

PRESIDENTIAL GRIEF: Poignant exhibit explores Benjamin Harrison’s wife’s death, mourning in the White House

The Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site has opened the “Death in the White House” which explores how the Hoosier president and his family endured private grief in the “people’s house.” (Photo/courtesy BHPS) By Marilyn Odendahl The Indiana Citizen Mar “...”

March 19 2024

PRIMARY PREP: Voting machine demonstration well-received at Greenwood Public Library

Mary Kooi (left), founding member of the Johnson County League of Women Voters, talks about voting with Johnson County Clerk Trena McLaughlin (center) and deputy clerk Crystal Siegfred (right) during a voting machine demonstration at the Greenwood Public Library. (Photo/Marilyn O “...”

March 11 2024

GROWING THREAT: Indiana legislature moves to curb AI in political ads but effort may do little to stop deep fakes

By Marilyn Odendahl

Compared with what’s coming, the lies and conspiracy theories surrounding the 2020 election may soon be seen as child’s play. The use of advancing technology to create political ads depicting candidates in fake situations they were never in or saying controversial things they “...”

March 08 2024

ELECTION ISSUES: Pew compares data from recent polls and finds economy top of mind

(Photo/ By Marilyn Odendahl The Indiana Citizen March 8, 2024 For the third straight year, Americans remain concerned about their financial wellbeing, saying they want the president and Capitol Hill to focus on the national economy. The Pew Research Center released a r “...”