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9 hearings in 3 days: Legislative leaders announce a tight schedule of redistricting hearings
On Elbridge Gerry’s 277th birthday, a rally against gerrymandering
Plans for September redistricting session draw criticism from voting rights groups
John Krull commentary: A public spanking for Indiana’s attorney general
Attorney general to appeal ruling in Holcomb suit against General Assembly
Braun, Young urged to reconsider opposition to For the People Act at Downtown rally
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Top row, from left: Indiana House Speaker Todd Huston, Senate Elections Committee member Erin Houchin, Senate Elections Committee chairman Jon Ford. Second: Senate President Pro…

THE ROOM WHERE IT HAPPENED: A decade after Indiana’s 2011 redistricting, those on the inside still aren’t talking.

Continuing our coverage of this year’s redistricting process, the following report was written by veteran journalists Janet Williams and Bill Theobald for The Indiana Citizen. June 14, 2021 ***…

2011 in a different light: Ex-lawmaker says Democrats ‘should shut up and eat what they served’ in 2001

June 21, 2021 One way of looking at Indiana’s 2011 redistricting is from the perspective of what’s happened since – a decade of Republican supermajorities…

EMPOWERED EXTREMES, LOWER TURNOUT: A look at how redistricting can make a difference

Continuing our coverage of this year’s redistricting process, the following report was written by Indiana journalist Janet Williams for The Indiana Citizen. May 14, 2021…

REDISTRICTING IN 2021: Indiana’s civic health can be improved by drawing fair maps

March 28, 2021 Every 10 years in years ending in 1, an otherwise relatively obscure figure in American history — a legitimate “Founding Father”-- becomes…

POINT: “Indiana is not gerrymandered … Gerrymandering is not in the eye of the beholder, but in the eye of the loser”

The Indiana Citizen is committed to providing a variety of points of view on the crucial issue of redistricting. The following column, written by Indianapolis…

COUNTERPOINT: “Republicans amassed power disproportionate to their support from voters. Indiana’s maps are among the most unfair”

The following -- in response to a column by Indianapolis Star opinion contributor Pete Seat -- was co-authored by Jay Yeager (above) and Ted Boehm,…