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A very basic primer on Indiana campaign finance

To accompany The Indiana Citizen’s reporting on campaign finance, the following is a brief summary written by retired lawyer Bill Moreau, co-founder and president of the Indiana Citizen Education Foundation and publisher of The Indiana Citizen. *** When you read information about political contributions governed exclusively by Indiana law, you will see some very large […]

Our officeholder directory: Your guide to Indiana’s elected officials

For as momentous as the presidential election of 2020 became, the top of the ballot was only the beginning of the story. In Indiana’s congressional delegation, two of the nine seats changed hands. And in the Indiana General Assembly, a total of 16 — more than 10 percent of the entire legislature, along with the […]

The AG: Rokita assumes an oft-misunderstood office

As Indiana’s statewide offices go, attorney general sounds pretty glamorous — the kind of job that might inspire a fast-paced, drama-filled television series. Alas, while it might get higher ratings than a series devoted to, say, Indiana’s auditor or treasurer, the show probably wouldn’t get renewed for a second season. Simply put, the Indiana attorney […]

Eric Holcomb 2.0: Bold incrementalist

You don’t have to pore over decades of certified vote tallies to get a feel for the electoral history of the Indiana governor’s office. Just think “Hoosier hospitality.” While proudly hospitable to strangers, Hoosier voters as a whole prefer the company of their immediate family, and particularly in presidential elections since Reconstruction, their political family […]