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A CHANCE TO MAKE HISTORY: He’s in it to win it – but with just 10% of the vote, Jeffrey Maurer could give Libertarians something they’ve never had in Indiana.

The following profile, the last of three of the candidates for Indiana secretary of state, was written by Indiana journalists Steve Hinnefeld and Barb Berggoetz for The Indiana Citizen. October 20, 2022 Jeffrey Maurer (above) sees a chance to make his mark in his first run for elected office. As a Libertarian running for secretary […]

HE’S CLEAR ON THIS MUCH: Though beset by questions and prone to changing his mind, Diego Morales remains firm in resisting changes aimed at increasing voter turnout.

The following profile, the second of three of the candidates for Indiana secretary of state, was written by Indiana journalists Barb Berggoetz and Steve Hinnefeld for The Indiana Citizen. October 17, 2022 Diego Morales (above) calls himself a living example of the American dream, a conservative Christian guided by his faith and a proud, successful […]

‘A BIT OF A LINE TO WALK:’ A Democrat with a rare shot at breaking the GOP win streak, Destiny Wells sounds a note of caution on pushing too aggressively for reform.

The following profile, the first of three of the candidates for Indiana secretary of state, was written by Indiana journalists Steve Hinnefeld and Barb Berggoetz for The Indiana Citizen.  October 14, 2022 Destiny Scott Wells (above) might have the ideal resume for someone running for statewide office in Indiana. At 38, she’s a veteran of […]


More than in most midterm election years, you’ve probably been hearing about the candidates for secretary of state in Indiana. You’re probably hearing more than a few questions – directed primarily at the Republican nominee, Diego Morales, over his portrayal of his military service, allegations of inappropriate conduct toward women in his past and his […]


To launch our coverage of Indiana’s election of a new secretary of state, the following report was written by Indiana journalists Barb Berggoetz and Steve Hinnefeld for The Indiana Citizen.  Sept. 20, 2022 Indiana will elect a new secretary of state in November as a fresh spotlight glares on these once-obscure offices across the nation – […]

WE’RE DEAD LAST: Study calls Indiana’s campaign finance laws the weakest in the nation

When it comes to transparency and the regulation of contributions to political campaigns, Indiana ranks last in the nation, according to a first-ever analysis by the nonpartisan Coalition for Integrity. The nonprofit group based in Washington, D.C. ranked states based on 10 criteria for its State Campaign Finance Index 2022, and Indiana scored a 38.33 […]

Sheila Kennedy commentary: A down-ballot threat

A recent article from Time Magazine highlighted yet another threat to American democracy–and this particular threat is especially worrisome, because it involves political contests that voters rarely focus on. In our highly polarized era, most voters no longer split their tickets, and few even bother to look “down ballot”–beyond the more publicized races to local contests. That […]

ANALYSIS: Without redistricting reform, democracy will continue to erode like a Lake Michigan beach

This analysis by Julia Vaughn, executive director of Common Cause Indiana, was originally published by the Indiana Capital Chronicle  and is republished according to Indiana Capital Chronicle republishing guidelines. My family is fortunate to have a cottage in Northwest Indiana, near Lake Michigan, and I’ve come to understand that the lake plays an integral role in […]

ELECTION UPDATE: Democrats, Republicans add 18 legislative candidates to Nov. 8 ballot, reducing the number of uncontested seats

At Tuesday’s noon deadline, Indiana Democratic and Republican party officials had added 18 legislative candidates to the Nov. 8 ballot, reducing the number of uncontested seats this year in the Indiana General Assembly. Party officials had the option of adding candidates in legislative districts where their parties did not field candidates in the May 3 […]

FROM THE INDIANA CITIZEN: Trying to improve turnout in Indiana’s partisan primary elections misses the point

The following analysis was written by Bill Moreau, president of the Indiana Citizen Education Foundation and publisher of its online platform, The Indiana Citizen. If you voted in the May 3rd Indiana primary elections, you participated in a taxpayer-funded process that underwrites the parties’ cost of nominating their candidates. And the two major parties have […]