April 11 2024

‘MAKE THEIR VOTES HEARD’: Homeless advocates want most-vulnerable Hoosiers to vote

Members of St. Mary of the Knobs Catholic Church recently served a hot, hearty meal to those in need at the Jeffersonville Community Kitchen. (Photo/Marilyn Odendahl) By Marilyn Odendahl The Indiana Citizen April 11, 2024 Under the frequently asked questions section on the St. Jo “...”

April 05 2024

INJUNCTION UPHELD: Indiana Court of Appeals affirms RFRA challenge to abortion ban, seeks narrower ruling

By Marilyn Odendahl The Indiana Citizen April 5, 2024   A preliminary injunction blocking the enforcement of Indiana’s near-total abortion ban against women who claim the law violates their religious beliefs has been upheld by the Court of Appeals of Indiana with one judge “...”

April 04 2024

TSF story: Indiana voters have until April 8 to register for May 7 primary

A voter enters a polling place at Scott Hall located at the Johnson County Fairgrounds in 2022. Johnson County is one of 59 vote center counties, meaning citizens can cast their vote at any polling location in the county. (Photo/Isaac Gleitz at By John Aspl “...”

March 26 2024

‘BE MORE INVOLVED’: Upcoming civics summit to focus on getting more Hoosiers to vote, participate

(Photo/ By Marilyn Odendahl The Indiana Citizen March 26, 2024 Retired Indiana Supreme Court Justice Steven David believes there are three types of people in the world:  those who are on the field, those who choose to watch and those who like to complain. As the keyno “...”

March 25 2024

COVID DATA: AG Rokita report criticizes Indiana’s coronavirus statistics that led to lockdowns, mask mandates

Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita prepares to take questions during the Never Forget 2020 Rally on Saturday in Mishawaka. (Photo/Marilyn Odendahl) By Marilyn Odendahl The Indiana Citizen March 25, 2024 Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita on Saturday unveiled a 29-page report “...”

March 21 2024

MERIT SELECTION: 8 Marion County judges are recommended for retention in November

Members of the Marion County Judicial Selection Committee prepare to greet the next judge during the recent retention interviews in the Indiana Supreme Court’s conference room. (Photo/Marilyn Odendahl)    By Marilyn Odendahl The Indiana Citizen March 21, 2024 All eigh “...”

March 18 2024

‘FURTHER INVESTIGATION’: Indiana Disciplinary Commission taking deeper look into allegations of AG Rokita misconduct

By Marilyn Odendahl The Indiana Citizen March 18, 2024     The Indiana Supreme Court Disciplinary Commission is extending its investigation into Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita related to allegations he may have perjured himself when he signed the affidavit to sett “...”

March 16 2024

SMALLER ROLE: New limits on public access counselor seen as blow to open government

Every year, Gerry Lanosga, director of journalism at The Media School at Indiana University – Bloomington, cautions his students, “The legislature is in session. Hold on to your access.”   The Indiana General Assembly has lengthened the list of exemptions to the state “...”