Bill Summary Date

(Last Action)

Status Last Action
SB0003 Prior authorization.2024-01-25IntroducedSenator Randolph added as coauthor
HB1205 Mental health standards and reporting.2024-03-11PassedPublic Law 59
HB1385 Emergency medical services.2024-03-13PassedPublic Law 163
HB1091 Prior authorization.2024-01-08IntroducedFirst reading: referred to Committee on Insurance
HB1266 Freedom of conscience in health care.2024-01-16IntroducedRepresentative Wesco added as coauthor
HB1260 Indiana department of health.2024-02-05EngrossedSenator Johnson T added as third sponsor
HB1258 Food regulation.2024-03-13PassedPublic Law 151
SB0272 School based health centers and student health.2024-02-01IntroducedSenator Charbonneau added as coauthor
SB0276 Health care debt and costs.2024-01-11IntroducedFirst reading: referred to Committee on Health and Provider Services
SB0273 Biomarker testing coverage.2024-03-11PassedPublic Law 37
HB1238 Competency evaluation.2024-03-12PassedPublic Law 85
SB0237 Prior authorization for health care services.2024-01-10IntroducedFirst reading: referred to Committee on Health and Provider Services
SB0132 Professions and professional services.2024-03-11PassedPublic Law 17
HB1352 Inspection of residential onsite sewage systems.2024-03-13PassedPublic Law 160
HB1414 Various health care matters.2024-02-22EngrossedCommittee report: amend do pass adopted; reassigned to Committee on Appropriations
HB1058 Breast cancer screening and services.2024-03-04PassedPublic Law 3
SB0009 Notice of health care entity mergers.2024-03-13PassedPublic Law 95
SB0192 Various health care matters.2024-01-25IntroducedSenator Ford J.D. added as coauthor
HB1327 Health and insurance matters.2024-02-12EngrossedFirst reading: referred to Committee on Health and Provider Services
SB0139 Psilocybin treatment program.2024-02-13EngrossedReferred to the Committee on Ways and Means pursuant to House Rule 127
SB0208 Abortion.2024-01-22IntroducedSenator Becker added as second author
HB1200 State employee health plan payment limits.2024-01-31IntroducedSecond reading: amended, ordered engrossed
HB1335 Indiana vaccination adverse event reporting system.2024-01-10IntroducedFirst reading: referred to Committee on Public Health
HB1259 Health care matters.2024-03-13PassedPublic Law 152
HB1386 Medicaid matters.2024-01-30IntroducedCommittee report: amend do pass, adopted
SB0233 Certified community behavioral health clinics.2024-02-15EngrossedRepresentative Ledbetter added as cosponsor
HB1145 Emergency powers.2024-01-22IntroducedRepresentative Payne Z added as coauthor
HB1420 Contraceptive coverage.2024-01-16IntroducedFirst reading: referred to Committee on Insurance
HB1196 Health finance matters.2024-01-09IntroducedFirst reading: referred to Committee on Public Health
SB0010 Community cares initiative grant pilot program.2024-02-15EngrossedRepresentative Shackleford added as cosponsor
HB1359 Probate.2024-03-13PassedPublic Law 161
HB1114 Coverage for cancer screening and prescriptions.2024-01-08IntroducedFirst reading: referred to Committee on Insurance
HB1332 Insurance matters.2024-03-13PassedPublic Law 158
HB1011 End of life options.2024-01-08IntroducedFirst reading: referred to Committee on Public Health
SB0169 Child caring institutions and group homes.2024-03-13PassedPublic Law 109
SB0018 Various probate matters.2024-03-13PassedPublic Law 99
SB0290 Criminal justice data.2024-03-13PassedPublic Law 126
HB1071 Exceptions to required immunizations.2024-01-16IntroducedRepresentative Sweet L added as coauthor
HB1393 Managed care and hospital assessment fee.2024-01-11IntroducedFirst reading: referred to Committee on Public Health
HB1070 Mental health grants.2024-03-11PassedPublic Law 48
SB0258 Physician referrals and reimbursement rates.2024-01-29IntroducedSenator Johnson, T added as second author
HB1288 State regulation of mobile food vendors.2024-01-09IntroducedFirst reading: referred to Committee on Public Health
HB1426 Long acting reversible contraceptives.2024-03-12PassedPublic Law 91
HB1128 Prohibition on lien for medical debt.2024-01-08IntroducedFirst reading: referred to Committee on Judiciary
HB1202 Military and veteran issues.2024-02-19EngrossedSenators Byrne, Doriot, Crane added as cosponsors
HB1216 Medicaid reimbursement for certain detainees.2024-03-13PassedPublic Law 147
SB0217 Abortion matters.2024-01-10IntroducedFirst reading: referred to Committee on Corrections and Criminal Law
HB1397 Emergency powers.2024-02-05IntroducedRepresentative Speedy added as coauthor
HB1389 School based health services and report.2024-01-11IntroducedFirst reading: referred to Committee on Public Health