Prior authorization.

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Prior authorization. Provides that a utilization review entity may only impose prior authorization requirements on less than 1% of any given specialty or health care service and 1% of health care providers overall in a calendar year. Prohibits a utilization review entity from requiring prior authorization for: (1) a health care service that is part of the usual and customary standard of care; (2) a prescription drug that is approved by the federal Food and Drug Administration; (3) medication for opioid use disorder; (4) pre-hospital transportation; or (5) the provision of an emergency health care service. Sets forth requirements for a utilization review entity that requires prior authorization of a health care service. Provides that all adverse determinations and appeals must be reviewed by a physician who meets certain conditions. Requires a utilization review entity to provide an exemption from prior authorization requirements if in the most recent 12 month period the utilization review entity has approved or would have approved at least 80% of the prior authorization requests submitted by the health care provider for a particular health care service. Repeals superseded provisions regarding prior authorization. Makes corresponding changes.


Authored by Senator Johnson T

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2024-01-18SenatePursuant to Senate Rule 68(b); reassigned to Committee on Appropriations
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2024-01-16SenateFirst reading: referred to Committee on Health and Provider Services
2024-01-16SenateAuthored by Senator Johnson T