Bill Summary Date

(Last Action)

Status Last Action
HB1090 Transportation matters.2024-03-11PassedPublic Law 49
SB0052 Prohibition on use of dedicated lanes.2024-02-27EngrossedCommittee report: amend do pass, adopted
SB0154 Transportation funding.2024-02-06EngrossedFirst reading: referred to Committee on Education
HB1275 Uninsured motorist coverage for contract carriers.2024-01-09IntroducedFirst reading: referred to Committee on Roads and Transportation
HB1146 Medical marijuana.2024-01-08IntroducedFirst reading: referred to Committee on Public Health
SB0099 Cannabis regulation.2024-01-10IntroducedSenator Qaddoura added as third author
SB0294 Medical cannabis.2024-01-22IntroducedSenator Pol added as coauthor
HB1025 Mixed beverages.2024-03-11PassedPublic Law 41
HB1013 Conservancy district road funding.2024-01-08IntroducedFirst reading: referred to Committee on Roads and Transportation
SB0205 Collaborative brewing.2024-03-11PassedPublic Law 26
HB1274 Indiana semiquincentennial license plate.2024-03-13PassedPublic Law 154
SB0142 Coverage for mobile integrated healthcare services.2024-02-12EngrossedFirst reading: referred to Committee on Insurance
HB1385 Emergency medical services.2024-03-13PassedPublic Law 163
HB1092 Financial responsibility for aircraft.2024-03-11PassedPublic Law 50
SB0030 School bus stop arm violation notification.2024-03-05EnrolledHouse advisors appointed: Meltzer, Prescott, Abbott and Gore
SB0281 Child safety requirements for off-road vehicles.2024-03-11PassedPublic Law 38
HB1079 Low THC hemp extract.2024-02-29EngrossedSenators Donato and Busch added as cosponsors
HB1350 Cannabis legalization.2024-01-10IntroducedFirst reading: referred to Committee on Courts and Criminal Code
HB1282 Cannabis regulation.2024-01-09IntroducedFirst reading: referred to Committee on Courts and Criminal Code
HB1302 Emergency medical services.2024-03-11PassedPublic Law 67
SB0107 Cannabis regulation.2024-01-09IntroducedSenator Qaddoura added as coauthor
SB0216 Agriculture and pesticides.2024-03-11PassedPublic Law 29
HB1429 Low water crossings.2024-01-30IntroducedRepresentative Zimmerman added as coauthor
SB0137 Administrative rulemaking.2024-02-15EngrossedRepresentative Pierce K added as cosponsor
SB0183 County option property tax exemption.2024-03-11PassedPublic Law 23
HB1109 Governance of public-private agreements.2024-01-16IntroducedRepresentative Pressel added as coauthor
SB0234 Disaster emergency.2024-03-13PassedPublic Law 120
HB1185 Road funding.2024-01-09IntroducedFirst reading: referred to Committee on Roads and Transportation
SB0059 Craft hemp flower products.2024-01-08IntroducedFirst reading: referred to Committee on Commerce and Technology
SB0181 Citizenship and immigration status.2024-03-12PassedPublic Law 76
SB0093 Mixed beverages.2024-01-22IntroducedSenator Charbonneau added as coauthor
HB1412 Canine standard of care.2024-03-04PassedPublic Law 4
SB0222 Automobile dealers.2024-03-13PassedPublic Law 116
SB0019 License suspension.2024-03-12PassedPublic Law 72
SB0065 Salvage motor vehicles.2024-03-13PassedPublic Law 103
SB0229 Recreational vehicle dealers.2024-01-11IntroducedSenator Crider added as third author
HB1287 Protection of born alive infants.2024-01-16IntroducedRepresentative Prescott added as coauthor
SB0190 State disaster relief fund.2024-03-13PassedPublic Law 112
SB0210 Property taxes and sales and use taxes.2024-01-09IntroducedFirst reading: referred to Committee on Tax and Fiscal Policy