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Census data needed for redistricting may be available in August

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UPDATE: The U.S. Census Bureau reported March 15 the data needed to redraw state legislative districts may be ready a month earlier than last reported, but at that point would come in an outdated format that might be difficult for states to use.

According to a news release from the bureau, the data could be available in mid- to late August. The bureau’s most recent estimate of the delivery date was Sept. 30.


EARLIER: The U.S. Census Bureau has reported an additional delay in providing states with the population information needed for the decennial redrawing of congressional and legislative district lines, pushing the date back to Sept. 30.

Legislative leaders in the Indiana General Assembly announced earlier that the delayed release of information — then expected around July 30 — would require the Indiana House and Senate to convene a special session for the redistricting process. Census information ordinarily is released early in the year following the national census, allowing the General Assembly to complete the redistricting process during the regular legislative session which ends by April 29.

The delayed release of information is being blamed on complications from the COVID-19 pandemic.

A Sept. 30 release of census information means that the General Assembly likely would be meeting in special session sometime in the final three months of 2021.

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