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John Krull commentary: An assault on justice and truth

Patricia Payne remembers the moment. The moment when she began to grasp how pernicious systemic racism was and is. It was in the early 1960s. She was just out of Indiana University, a fresh, young second-grade teacher in the Indianapolis Public Schools. An energetic young Black woman—both product and member of a tightknit Indianapolis Black […]

Police reform bill unanimously endorsed by Senate committee

The Senate Corrections and Criminal Law Committee on Tuesday unanimously approved a bill that would mandate law enforcement officers to take de-escalation training and implement other reform measures. House Bill 1006 passed by an 8-0 vote, reflecting its widespread bipartisan support. At the moment, the bill has nearly 90 co-authors including both Republicans and Democrats in […]

Civics education bill clears Senate committee, is eligible for final vote

UPDATE: The Senate Education Committee on Wednesday unanimously approved House Bill 1384, which would require that civics education become a required class in Indiana middle schools. The vote by the committee, chaired by Sen. Jeff Raatz (above), R-Richmond, was 13-0. The committee also voted to amend the bill to require the changes in the state’s […]

John Krull commentary: Not canceling, just editing

This column started out as something different. I wrote a few hundred words. Then I decided the piece wasn’t working. It didn’t say what I wanted it to. I also worried people would be bothered by some sections and thus miss my overarching point. So, I deleted what I had written. With a few keystrokes […]

Senate committee begins review of civics education bill

UPDATE: The Indiana Senate on Wednesday began its review of a House-passed bill to require that civics education become a required class in middle schools. The Senate Education Committee chaired by Sen. Jeff Raatz (above), R-Richmond, heard about an hour of testimony on House Bill 1384, all of it supportive although two newly elected Democratic […]

Black Legislative Caucus hosts Call to Action days

After some of its members became the targets of booing, jeering and altercations in the House session on Feb. 18, the Indiana Black Legislative Caucus is hosting call-to-action days at the Statehouse. The IBLC hopes those who were involved with the heckling and ignoring of Black legislators as they spoke from the House floor will be […]

First ICRC meeting centers on Marion County district lines

In its first public hearing on how best to redraw congressional and legislative district lines, the newly formed Indiana Citizens Redistricting Commission heard Wednesday evening from a succession of Marion County residents who, in the words of one, “want to vote with people of my community, not people who live an hour away from me.” […]

House passes constitutional carry; bill awaits Senate review

Update: A bill that would repeal Indiana’s requirement for a license to carry a handgun passed the Indiana House Feb. 22. Authored by Rep. Ben Smaltz (above), R-Auburn, HB 1369 was advanced to the Senate in a 65-31 vote. Before the vote, legislators spoke in support of and in opposition to the bill, with much […]

Budget bill passes House amid debate over education priorities

A Republican-authored proposal for a two-year, $36 million state budget is on its way to the Indiana Senate. House Bill 1001, authored by House Ways and Means Chairman Timothy Brown (above), R-Crawfordsville, passed the House Monday evening in a  65-30 vote. “Let us have a vision of employing Hoosiers and giving credit to businesses and […]

Senate passes bill giving legislature sole authority to reschedule elections, expand absentee voting

UPDATE: A bill to prohibit the Indiana Election Commission and the governor from altering the times and dates of elections passed the Senate Monday. Senate Bill 353, authored by Senator Erin Houchin  (above), R-Salem, advanced to the House in a 34-15 vote. It would give only the Indiana General Assembly authority to change the timing […]