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To say, “’Pro-life’ is the same as ‘Women are bitches’” is offensive.  But to treat human women as female dogs in a puppy mill is far more offensive and it should be against the law.  I support encoding the religious and privacy protections, acknowledged in Roe vs Wade, into federal legislation.

Wanted babies are happier and healthier than unwanted babies.  Pro-choice is a happier and healthier lifestyle than Pro-Forced-Life.  Anti-abortionists want to force women to bear children without the benefit of universal healthcare for women of childbearing age.  How can anyone claim to be Pro-life also fight against universal healthcare for even pregnant women and newborn babies?  Why doesn’t the Pro-life crowd advocate for better elder care?   Fundamentally this is an issue about a tradition of old white men exerting control over the women around them. How is this much better than slavery?