Elections. Provides that the state of Indiana shall conduct all elections using secure, hand-marked paper ballots that are: (1) designed and made in Indiana; (2) embellished with a distinctive watermark; and (3) serialized numerically. Provides that no other method of voting may be used in Indiana. Specifies that ballots must be counted by hand. Requires precincts to have video cameras that record and live stream the counting of ballots and the ballot box container. Requires each precinct to have one voting system equipped for individuals with disabilities. Specifies requirements for reporting results of the election. Requires election results to be announced the evening of the election. Prohibits the use of a pollbook in any form other than paper. Provides that ballots are not confidential. Prohibits the state from conducting the voting system technical oversight program (VSTOP) after June 30, 2024. Specifies storage requirements for certain election documents. Requires the secretary of state (secretary) to randomly choose 10 counties for post-election hand recounts and inspections of secured storage facilities. Provides that all Indiana citizens have the right to inspect and copy all election materials at the office of the county clerk. Requires the secretary to establish and maintain a statewide voter registration data base. Requires the secretary to administer voter registration rolls and provides that the secretary may not delegate this function. Requires county clerks to create and print the paper pollbook for each precinct. Specifies requirements for back up lists and daily records of the voter registration data base. Specifies that an election in Indiana may be held only on election day. Prohibits: (1) early in person voting; (2) vote centers; (3) Internet voting; (4) mass mail-in voting; (5) ballot harvesting; and (6) a ballot drop box. Provides that a precinct may contain not more than 1,500 registered active voters. Specifies that absentee voter boards may be used for all voters at extended care facilities. Requires all voter registration applications to include proof of citizenship and a signature. Specifies certain restrictions that apply to a third party organization. Provides that a digital identification is not acceptable for the purposes of registration or voting. Specifies: (1) requirements for absentee ballots; and (2) the individuals who qualify to receive an absentee ballot. Requires an absentee ballot to include a copy of the voter's proof of identification or the last four digits of the voter's Social Security number. Provides that a person who violates these provisions: (1) commits a Class A misdemeanor; and (2) is deprived of the right of suffrage for 10 years. Repeals a provision that designates as confidential certain information maintained by VSTOP. Requires the attorney general to establish an election crimes unit.


Authored by Representative Sweet

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2024-01-09HouseFirst reading: referred to Committee on Elections and Apportionment
2024-01-09HouseAuthored by Representative Sweet