Various education matters.

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Various education matters. Establishes the mastery based education pilot program (pilot program) to allow school corporations and charter schools selected by the department of education (department) to implement a mastery based education program. Establishes requirements and exemptions to certain laws and rules for schools participating in the pilot program. Changes the date by which formal collective bargaining may begin to October 1 and amends similar date requirement under the collective bargaining provisions to October 1. Establishes minimum minute instructional time requirements for each school year. Amends the instructional day and instructional time hour requirements for each instructional day. Provides that a governing body of a school corporation (governing body) may not enter into a contract with a superintendent on or after the date of the election for two or more members of the governing body (instead of one member) until January 1 of the year immediately following the year of the election. Establishes a minimum number of students that may receive an alternate diploma that may be counted for purposes of a school's or school corporation's graduation rate. Requires schools to adopt a teacher appreciation grant policy every four state fiscal years instead of every state fiscal year. Repeals or removes provisions that require: (1) a governing body to hold a public meeting on a proposed superintendent contract; (2) a governing body to post an employment contract entered into with a superintendent on the school corporation's website; (3) public schools to provide information concerning employees who are physically injured on the job by a student; (4) principals and school corporations to report aggregate results of staff performance evaluations; (5) principals to complete a survey; (6) certain teachers to complete a form after the initial year of teaching at a particular school; (7) the department to report to each teacher preparation program regarding certain surveys and evaluations; and (8) a public hearing before privately negotiating matters during the formal collective bargaining time period. Repeals provisions concerning the following: (1) Strategic and continuous school improvement and achievement plans. (2) Cultural competency in educational environments. (3) The primetime program.


Authored by Representative TeshkaCoauthored by Representatives Lehman and Steuerwald

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2024-01-09HouseFirst reading: referred to Committee on Education
2024-01-09HouseAuthored by Representative Teshka
2024-01-09HouseCoauthored by Representatives Lehman and Steuerwald