Indiana Bar Foundation offers 6th-grade civics teaching materials to middle school educators
ICC: Judge finds primary law unconstitutional; grants Rust injunction
Indiana COA presses state on its refusal to extend RFRA protections to abortions
SHABAZZ COMMENTARY: Rokita’s famous last words
Poll taps into Americans’ hunger to change electoral system
JOHN KRULL: Todd Rokita, just a digging fool
ICC: Holcomb names Nieshalla as new State Comptroller
ICC: Statehouse dome closed to tours
Indiana’s lawmakers return to the Statehouse for Organization Day and a 2024 preview
Indiana Chamber IDs its top legislative priorities ahead of Tuesday’s Organization Day
ArtTroop leaves a lasting imprint on veterans’ lives
AG Rokita’s approved delay in exemption to ‘dollar law’ could cost taxpayers a lot of money, IPS says
AG Rokita seeks to keep Indiana Supreme Court disciplinary complaint out of his moonlighting fight
ICC: Rep. Bob Cherry won’t seek reelection, ending 25 years in seat
JOHN KRULL: The Bayhs and days gone by
‘The fight isn’t over’: Planned Parenthood, others renew challenge to Indiana’s abortion ban
New Republican State Sen. Cyndi Carrasco remembers Sandlin during swearing-in ceremony
Hoosier voters call election hotline with questions about eligibility
JOHN KRULL: Voters send a message
Voting hotlines and help in place for Hoosiers on Election Day
John Krull: Todd Rokita and an enabling Indiana Supreme Court
BILL MOREAU: Voting and journalism are keys to improving Indiana’s civic health
Republican Greg Goode sworn in to fill Senate District 38
Indiana Chamber of Commerce annual survey indicates optimism in the face of workforce woes
Plaintiffs seek federal ruling on super PAC contributions, even as state election officials ask for dismissal
ICC: Secretary of State Morales doles out $308K+ in spot bonuses
COMMENTARY: A few cures for electile dysfunction
Judge Heather Welch retiring from Marion County bench, continuing career in the law
ICC: States sue Meta alleging harmful features
AG Rokita’s arguments in disciplinary case could hurt him in moonlighting dispute
Ex-Holcomb aide, anti-abortion advocate vying for State Senate seat held by Sandlin
AG Rokita appeals class certification in lawsuit claiming Indiana’s abortion law violates RFRA
ICC: Indiana redistricting earns ‘D’ grade in national report card
Federal judge denies motion to dismiss in Anderson redistricting fight
Mayor Joe Hogsett is lone Democrat in Indy Chamber group’s mayoral endorsements
ICC: Tensions rise over deposition, judge selection in Senate hopeful John Rust’s ballot access suit
‘Experienced politicians and public servants’ running in caucus for Sen. Jon Ford’s seat
TAKING ON TIKTOK: Indiana AG Rokita continues duel with social-media app over use of Hoosiers’ data
ICC: State Rep. Jerry Torr to retire after nearly 3 decades in office
Caucus scheduled to fill Sen. Jack Sandlin’s Statehouse seat
ICC: Sandlin honored in Statehouse memorial service
VOTER DRIVE: MCBA attorneys help Indianapolis residents register to cast a ballot
Bartholomew County deputy clerk tapped as Secretary of State’s election director
Republican Sen. Randy Maxwell sworn into Indiana Legislature
ICC: Auditor Klutz to depart for private sector gig; replacement to be tapped by governor
The Bopp Law Firm handling 5 cases for AG Rokita’s office
Indiana Supreme Court rules 4-1 that election code restricts super PAC contributions
ICC: Absentee ballot application outage frustrates some election officials, leaves others unaffected
Republican Sen. Jack Sandlin dies, remembered for service and leadership
Indiana GOP schedules caucus to replace resigning Sen. Jon Ford
Not so ‘hokey’: Judges hope to inspire and challenge students on Constitution Day
ICC: Egg farmer John Rust files lawsuit to face U.S. Rep. Jim Banks in Indiana’s 2024 Senate primary
AG Rokita slaps IU Health with privacy lawsuit in Caitlin Bernard case
Sen. Jon Ford becomes 4th Republican to announce resignation from Indiana legislature this year
Bipartisan nonprofit PAC endorses 3 mayoral candidates including Shreve in Indy
Three candidates to vie in caucus to replace Sen. Chip Perfect
U.S. Sen. Young speaks at Franklin College ahead of Constitution Day
Student loan borrowers brace for the return of monthly payments
Indiana justices skeptical of fight over whether state law regulates super PACs
Sen. Chip Perfect endorses replacement as caucus is scheduled
Revamped 21st Century Scholars program sees historic automatic enrollment
ICC: Bernard, Rokita opt against appeal in licensing case; matter now closed
Anderson Common Council says redistricting lawsuit fails to prove racial discrimination
Tully claims Rokita’s legislative ‘gamesmanship’ violates separation of powers
Indiana now among states with “most restrictive” abortion prohibitions
ICC: Indiana attorney general seeks info about gender-affirming care with subpoena-like demands
Whitcomb launches bid for Statehouse seat held by incumbent Jim Lucas
Federal appellate court upholds Indiana’s ‘elderly’ requirement on absentee voting
Plaintiffs claim statement confirms racial bias in Lake County’s judicial nominating process
Not enough spots and too expensive—committee hears how child-care problems impact state
Concord Law School to take Purdue Global name
AG Rokita’s claims about religious freedom called ‘misstatement of the law’
ICC: GOP leaders say changes in lieutenant governor selection unlikely despite candidate’s direct-to-delegates campaign
Local action key to redressing residential segregation
After MLB issues written reprimand, Bernard evaluating next step
ICC: Longtime solicitor general leaves for nonprofit
Abortion advocates return to Indiana Supreme Court seeking a rehearing
Oral arguments in RFRA complaint against abortion law postponed until December
John Krull commentary: Todd Rokita shows how special he is
Attorney General Rokita argues change in law settles court battle over his former employment
ICC: Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita targets reproductive health care, diversity in latest letters
Republican caucus members quickly choose attorney to fill vacancy in House District 67
Four on caucus ballot to fill open Republican seat in Statehouse
John Krull commentary: Curtis Hill and Indiana’s moral slide
We the People program will use additional state funding to create civics ‘class in a box’
ICC: Attorney General criticizes Target for Pride merchandise, alleges breach of duty to shareholders
Caucus scheduled for July 17 to fill Frye’s seat in Statehouse
Website helps Hoosiers track state government without a drive to the Statehouse
Indiana’s liberal lawmakers issue statements of anger and sadness after court’s abortion decision
Changing demographics putting new pressures on Indiana’s economy
ICC: Indiana Supreme Court upholds abortion ban, but leaves door open for other legal challenges
US Supreme Court upholds judicial review of state legislatures’ election authority
Marion County party chairs coaxing and cajoling potential candidates to fill ballot vacancies by July 3 deadline
Two new Indiana laws face last-minute hurdles before taking effect
ICC: Rokita’s office files new appeal in RFRA-based lawsuit against Indiana abortion ban
Concord Law School posts record bar passage while hoping for admission from Indiana Supreme Court
ICC: Judge issues partial injunction on transgender health care ban
News organizations collaborate to fill news deserts across Indiana
Indiana Civics Coalition starts work to improve Hoosiers’ civic health
Summer study topics announced ahead of the 2024 session
John Krull commentary: Just the facts, folks, just the facts
Bernard hearing outcome raises concern for health care professionals and media
John Krull commentary: Lee Hamilton, Richard Lugar and an old path that needs to be rediscovered
John Krull commentary: Rokita finds a phantom argument
Bernard sanction stirs strong reactions
Bernard to defend medical license against AG complaint Thursday
Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site launches ‘new beginning’ after successful capital campaign
John Krull commentary: DeSantis, Daniels and fights rather than solutions
New law expands access to mental health training for first responders
Sen. Greg Taylor reflects on 2023 session, looks ahead to 2024
John Krull commentary: Todd Rokita keeps digging holes for him to fall into
ICC: Indiana’s governor to be among the highest paid after new salary increases take effect
Bills lawmakers say you can feel good about from the 2023 legislative session
Oral argument set for RFRA challenge to Indiana’s new abortion law
John Krull commentary: Riding the Trump train is about to get bumpy
ICC: Civic leader Bill Oesterle dies at 57
Democrats weigh 2023 session as a success and a missed opportunity
John Krull commentary: The GOP gets a makeover
For House Democrat, finishing first session was realization of a ‘quiet dream’
While politics isn’t always (ever?) sweet, Hoosier-made candy still is
John Krull commentary: Todd Rokita and the secret report
Voting rights groups expect 2023 primary to bring same lackluster turnout
UPDATE: Absentee voting restrictions signed into law, opponents question constitutionality
Resurrected ‘book burner’ bill passes House and Senate, now heads to governor
John Krull commentary: Indiana lawmakers keep their eyes on the prize
NC Supreme Court reverses redistricting ruling, sides with GOP lawmakers on elections and voting
Budget passed, the 2023 Indiana legislative session comes to an end
County court battle between Rokita and physicians ends with judge’s order
Still in question: Would Purdue’s Concord proposal also open the Indiana bar to grads of other non-accredited schools?
Lawmakers get unexpected $1.5B for budget in latest forecast
State Bar Association recommends against proposal to allow Concord Law School grads to take bar exam
John Krull commentary: Indiana’s lawmakers play kiss the ring with the NRA
‘Knowledge is power:’ Indiana’s inaugural Civics Summit focuses on promoting education, engagement
Without drama, Indiana Senate passes resolution to honor National Rifle Association
Bill increasing requirements for absentee voting heads to the governor
Rokita’s court fight against finding that he violated confidentiality takes another twist in Marion County hearing
Bill banning materials on “human sexuality” passed by Senate
John Krull commentary: The wrong we do will live on
Registration deadline extended for Indiana Bar Foundation Civics Summit; event is April 13
ACLU says it will fight after governor signs gender-affirming care ban into law
Holcomb signs ban on gender-affirming health care for minors into law
Lee Hamilton commentary: Why trustworthiness matters in our democracy
Four attorneys assigned to abortion-related litigation resign from Indiana AG’s office
As higher property tax bills land in homeowners’ mailboxes, Indy Rep. DeLaney urges reforms including changes in school funding
Four Republican candidates for Indy mayor share their visions in Indy Star forum
Senate sends another bill restricting trans people to the governor—then has a sing-along
Rokita’s fight to overturn judge’s finding moves to yet another court, is set for hearing April 11
Crime, potholes were key topics in forum of four Democratic mayoral candidates
IU economist urges policymakers to steer clear of culture wars and focus on developing a skilled, healthy workforce
Bill banning gender-affirming care for minors is now one step from becoming law
John Krull commentary: What’s around the corner isn’t good
Indiana Bar Foundation hosts inaugural Indiana Civics Summit
Emotions stir the House before committee’s approval of bill banning gender-affirming care
Controversial absentee voter bill hears more discussion, is passed by committee
‘Perfect’ for St. Patrick’s Day: Bust of former Indiana Gov. Joe Kernan unveiled at Statehouse
Indiana’s part-time legislature is full-time work for some
Numerous Indiana lawmakers do private consulting. But who are they working for?
Common Cause Indiana discusses election bills at the halfway point of session
Rokita questions ‘sterilizations’ at gender-affirming clinics
Lee Hamilton commentary: Being a good citizen is a lot harder than it used to be
Senate Elections Committee hears House’s controversial voting bill
John Krull commentary: The incredible shrinking Indiana GOP
Senate passes bill to stop transgender youth from receiving gender-affirming care
Effort to move Indiana to partisan school board elections dies in the House
Indiana’s absentee voting bill advances
Houses passes $43.4B budget with no Democratic votes
“Don’t Say Gay” lookalike bill passes Indiana House of Representatives
John Krull commentary: A new slogan for Indiana politicians
Bill taking aim at gender-affirming medical care for minors passes committee
Rokita announces he will seek reeelection as attorney general
John Krull commentary: Scavenger bird in the Indiana secretary of state’s office
Indiana “Don’t Say Gay” lookalike bill sees hours of testimony in committee, advances to full House
John Krull commentary: Look at what the students did
Critics slam Morales for hiring brother-in-law
Amended absentee voter bill would require additional identification to vote by mail
Marijuana decriminalization gets rare committee testimony—but no vote
Commentary: A Tale of Two Races: Open U.S. Senate and Indianapolis Mayor
John Krull commentary: What students ‘really’ need, lawmakers think
Medical Licensing Board hearing on Rokita complaint against Bernard postponed to May 25
Indiana plunges in national conservative rankings
Indiana voters could make school board elections partisan under new GOP-backed legislation
Morton Marcus commentary: Forget recession – – other jolly times await        
Spartz won’t take on Senate run — or any campaign — in 2024
Shabazz to run for mayor of Indianapolis
Commentary: The big lie playbook
John Krull commentary: Mitch Daniels’ telling exit
Former Gov. Daniels opts out of Senate run
Republican lawmakers revive bill to require partisan school board elections in Indiana
John Krull commentary: Bread, circuses and Victoria Spartz
Lt. Gov. Crouch asks Senate committee to expand mental health resources
Physicians and employers set to spar over SB 7 and noncompete agreements
Hoosiers convicted of vote fraud felony would be stripped of voting rights for 10 years under bill approved by House committee
Lee Hamilton commentary: A lawmaker’s impossible task
Indiana Black Legislative Caucus announces its 2023 agenda
“My life has been about doors opening”: A conversation with Lt. Gov. Suzanne Crouch
Indiana Supreme Court hears oral arguments over abortion ban
John Krull commentary: How to seize defeat from the jaws of victory
Andrew Downs commentary: Ready, set, legislate
Banks makes U.S. Senate run official
Huston announces House Republicans’ agenda for 2023 legislative session
Holcomb’s proposed budget gets first airing in House Ways and Means Committee
Stronger economy starts with the courts, says Indiana’s chief justice
Lee Hamilton commentary: A legislator’s toughest job
John Krull commentary: Holcomb, neither poetry nor prose
‘Strong and about to get stronger’: Holcomb addresses future of Hoosier state
‘First day of school’: General Assembly gathers for 2023 legislative session
John Krull commentary: Mitch Daniels, wooed or wooing
Mitch Daniels pondering Senate bid, but says no to governor ‘rerun’
Judge orders Rokita to publicly release inspector general’s report about former job
GOP governor candidates announce big fundraising hauls
Holcomb focuses on education and the economy in his wish list for the 2023 session
Indiana Medical Licensing Board schedules Bernard hearing in ongoing abortion case
House Republicans take aim at ESG investing
John Krulll commentary: Duck and cover won’t work in this case
Some uncertainty remains about big K-12 spending requests for upcoming Indiana budget
Poll shows Indiana Republicans want Daniels for Senate, Braun for governor and Trump in 2024
John Krull commentary: Chamber misses the point
Holcomb focuses on economic growth, not conflict with his party, in end-of-year interview
Kevin Brinegar commentary: Krull column misses the point
Lt. Gov. Suzanne Crouch running for Governor
John Krull commentary: Chamber misses the moment
Hoosier midterm election turnout drops 20% from 2018
Indiana abortion ban hit with second preliminary injunction
John Krull commentary: Indiana’s attorney general and other natural disasters
Rokita advances complaint against Bernard to Indiana Medical Licensing Board
Braun files paperwork to run for governor in 2024
Indiana’s Young among 12 Senate Republicans to support passage of marriage rights
Tax cuts, education dominate Organization Day
Indiana Chamber of Commerce unveils its 2023 legislative priorities
Indianapolis Mayor Hogsett will run for third term, to face Rep. Shackleford in Democratic primary
Lee Hamilton commentary: Why do politicians run for office?
John Krull commentary: Requiem for a political throwback
Shackleford announces candidacy for Indy mayor, setting up potential primary contest with incumbent Hogsett
John Krull commentary: Diego Morales’ message to Democrats
‘I push back:’ Twitter feud raises specter of Rep. Lucas’ 2020 divorce hearing—and questions about how politicians use social media
Doctor who provided minor abortion care sues AG Rokita for ‘baseless investigation’
Judge rules ballot access lawsuit filed by Indiana Green, Libertarian parties can move forward
Sheila Kennedy commentary: Bloomington media fail
John Krull commentary: Hear them roar
‘We’ll speak for him:’ Secretary of State candidates Wells, Maurer skewer Republican Morales as he skips another debate
Democrats sign “contract with women” with emphasis on abortion
John Krull commentary: Debate rouses Senate campaign from lullaby land
Senate debate: Young hammers on inflation as McDermott bets on abortion turnout
Abortion ban remains blocked as lawsuit heads to Indiana Supreme Court
John Krull commentary: Hopalong Rokita has his usual dinner
With Morales again absent, Secretary of State candidate debate pits election security fears vs. confidence
Rokita draws backlash for tweets about Kayne West, Christopher Columbus
John Krull commentary: No early warning system for these guys
Lee Hamilton commentary: Why political skills matter
Could Morales allegations tilt Secretary of State’s race?
Latest poll: Democratic candidate holds lead in secretary of state race
Quiet, introverted Thompson takes helm of Ways and Means Committee
John Krull commentary: A time and place for wisdom
More female voters ready to cast a ballot in November
Morales responds to sexual harassment allegations
Secretary of state candidates Wells and Maurer debate Tuesday while Morales’ chair sits empty
John Krull commentary: When night is day and down is up
No Libertarian has won statewide office—but Maurer hopes to close the gap
John Krull commentary: Fun and games on someone else’s dime
Could Wells be first Democratic secretary of state in almost 30 years?
Study committee discusses cannabis before standing-room-only crowd
Morales tries to make campaign messages heard over ongoing controversies
‘We all use that word, actually:’ GOP Secretary of State nominee Morales responds to criticism of using ‘veteran’ to describe himself
John Krull commentary: Maybe it’s an oath they don’t understand
New state commercial courts are open in 10 Indiana counties
John Krull commentary: Sauce for the goose …
Two lawsuits challenge Indiana’s abortion ban going into effect Thursday
Morales walks back early voting limits idea
John Krull commentary: So many questions, so few answers as high court rules on gay teacher’s firing
Rokita: No “woke” ESG criteria allowed in pension investments
State faces abortion lawsuit from Planned Parenthood and ACLU
From The Indiana Lawyer: Improving civic education by informing Hoosier voters, The Indiana Citizen is preparing to launch 2022 voter guide
John Krull commentary: Self-delusion, and self-inflicted wounds
Indiana GOP nominates Rudy Yakym as Walorski replacement
Why Mitch Daniels says he’s ‘not done, yet’ at Purdue
Brooks, Tinder slam Attorney General Rokita for baseless claims
Holcomb calls for special election as funerals for Walorski and staffers begin
Anti-Common Core activist failed to register as lobbyist for Rokita’s office
Will pro-legislature elections theory in SCOTUS case come to Indiana? No sign of it yet.
After Senate concurrence Friday night, Holcomb signs abortion bill into law
House and Senate reach deal for inflation relief and social services
Proposed abortion ban with narrow exceptions up for a final House vote Friday
Senate, House at impasse on inflation relief and social services
U.S. Rep. Jackie Walorski, 3 others killed in Elkhart County crash
House committee approves amended abortion ban
John Krull commentary: The Supreme Court launched a demolition derby — and in Indiana, it’s only beginning
House committee to hear testimony on abortion bill Tuesday morning
Indiana Senate passes abortion ban by a 1-vote margin
In epic Senate abortion bill debate, rape/incest exception proves a lightning rod
John Krull commentary: Across the nation, ‘Hoosiers are a preview of coming attractions’
‘You care about power’: Democrats decry abortion bill now headed for Senate debate
Abortion bill advances to full Senate after hours of emotional testimony and debate
Voting rights groups allege Tippecanoe County violated registration laws
VP Harris professes support for Hoosier women in abortion-rights visit
Special session likely to ban abortion begins with day of raucous protest
Abortion ban legislation is likely already in final form, says analyst
Proposed abortion ban to allow exceptions, would not increase criminal penalties
Study says a state abortion ban will worsen already-existing harms
John Krull commentary: A time for adults to be adults
AG Rokita receives ‘cease and desist’ from doctor in 10-year-old’s abortion
Indiana’s surplus hits $6.1 billion – bringing choices with it
John Krull commentary: Whose choice is it, anyway?
Anticipating state abortion ban, protesters continue to descend on Statehouse
Democrats call for economic relief on day special session was to start
Indiana readies $12 million voting machines investment
Start of special session delayed to July 25, allowing additional time to prepare legislation in wake of Roe v. Wade overturning
John Krull commentary: Just wars, self-inflicted wounds and the overturning of Roe v. Wade
John Krull commentary: Todd Young steps up
Secretary of State Sullivan ousted from GOP ticket in convention vote
Board of Ed adds more civics for Indiana middle schoolers
John Krull commentary: Mitch Daniels and destiny’s call
Study addresses disparities of bail system, highlights concerns about new law
Legislative study committees set the stage for next year’s session
John Krull commentary: Indiana Supreme Court ends a tragic farce
It’s been nearly a century since the KKK dominated Indiana, but Hoosiers see lasting effects
Hoosier educators fear restrictive bills could return in 2023 session
Supreme Court sides with Holcomb in dispute over legislature’s authority to call itself into session
John Krull commentary: ‘They conjured up a problem that didn’t exist’
Indiana General Assembly overrides Holcomb’s veto of trans athlete bill
Democrats ask again for suspension of state’s gas tax as prices rise
Lee Hamilton commentary: Why good investigative journalism matters
May 24 one-day session may bring veto override for trans athlete bill
From Inside Higher Ed: 8 Ways Higher Ed Can Help Save Democracy
John Krull commentary: ‘The license we give to our elected officials is one designed to allow them to serve. Not to bully.’ named best news website in collegiate contest
As president of Chamber, Brinegar has demonstrated organization’s pull in Statehouse
‘I feel like I’m the sane, moral person:’ Longshot Democrat waits on the sidelines as 2 GOP incumbents fight it out in primary
John Krull commentary: The truth, nothing but the truth
Indiana Citizen Redistricting Project wins 1st Place from Indiana SPJ
Age is the issue in Gen Z candidate’s primary challenge
Common Cause says process rather than result is the problem with council’s redistricting maps, and offers a citizen-drawn alternative
John Krull commentary: Of the people, by the people and for the people? Not even close
House District 45 incumbent challenged by fellow lawmaker’s change of address
Johnson County incumbent faces three Republican primary challengers
Five Democratic candidates take on Indy’s District 46 Senate seat
With bipartisan support and in front of a small audience, council committee approves redistricting plan
Redistricting throws two northern Indiana incumbents into competition for primary
Supreme Court hears arguments in Holcomb v. Indiana General Assembly
Indiana Fiscal Policy Institute Fiscal Notes, April 5, 2022: Inflation and Indiana’s finances
John Krull commentary: Todd Rokita’s chestnut horse
Indy Democrats unveil proposed council districts; public hearing set for April 12
Report: Legal fees in St. Joseph County redistricting are more than $315,000
From Tippecanoe County, a look at new voting machines
Rokita, Shabazz reach settlement on press-access lawsuit
In the session’s final weeks, conference committees revived legislation left for dead
Holcomb signs permitless carry bill, leaving critics concerned about safety
Vetoed trans sports bill leaves legislature poised for an override vote
John Krull commentary: Whose bruised ego are we talking about?
With Roe v. Wade ruling expected by year’s end, a special session might be on the way
Shabazz v. Rokita lawsuit could hold long-term implications for journalists
City-County Council receives redistricting report, continues to rebuff proposal for citizens commission
John Krull commentary: Of the special interests, by the special interests, for the special interests
Citizens commission launches ‘shadow’ Indianapolis city-county redistricting process
Redistricting reformers announce members of independent citizens panel to propose new city-county maps
John Krull commentary: Mike Pence, the politician who won’t stay down
Sine die: Landmark tax bill, constitutional carry legislation await governor’s action as 2022 session ends
Lee Hamilton commentary: Democracy takes it on the chin in redistricting
House concurs with Senate amendment removing new restrictions on absentee voting, sending HB 1116 to Gov. Holcomb
Legislators rush to send bills over finish line of 2022 session
Senate leaves Holcomb veto intact while House sends legislation to end emergency order
‘We’re going to see a lot more people in Walmart open carrying:’ Constitutional carry provisions return in conference committee
John Krull commentary: Behning, education and evasion
“We are all God’s children:” Despite outcry, transgender youth athlete bill heads to governor
‘Divisive concepts’ House Bill 1134 misses 2nd reading deadline, dies in Senate
House bill that would repeal handgun licensing requirement is gutted in Senate committee
As House committee deadline passes, some hoped-for bills get put back in the drawer
Town Hall forum with Rep. Carson available for viewing on You Tube channel
Election Commission removes congressional, legislative candidates from primary ballot, leaving more unchallenged
John Krull commentary: Todd Huston and the high cost of education
John Krull commentary: Two big Todd Rokita bad habits
House Speaker Huston resigns job at College Board amid criticism of his support for bill to limit curriculum
In 5-4 vote, justices reinstate Alabama voting map despite lower court’s ruling that it dilutes Black votes
ACLU joins journalist Abdul-Hakim Shabazz in First Amendment lawsuit against AG Rokita
Black political leaders call for Marion County Democratic Party chair’s resignation
Due to lack of applicants, Bloomington scales back its independent redistricting commission from 9 members to 5
Commentary: How redistricting congressional districts can undermine majority rule
‘Harmful material for minors’ bill passes despite one question: Harmful according to whom?
House passes bill limiting classroom topics, requiring parental review of school curriculum
Bill making school board elections partisan has died in committee
In township hearings, city-county redistricting process is under way with familiar complaints
Amended elections bill would add more restrictions on absentee voting
Transgender student-athlete bill draws testimony, advances to House floor
John Krull commentary: ‘Talk to the hand’ is lawmakers’ response to the public on redistricting and other issues
House passes vaccine mandate bill
City-County Council announces public hearings on redistricting
City-County Council announces public hearings on redistricting
John Krull commentary: Time to own up to our nation’s history
Education bill that drew ridicule for author’s remarks on Nazism is killed, Senate president says
‘The government emergency room:’ Chief Justice delivers State of the Judiciary address
John Krull commentary: Holcomb turns the heat down
Governor’s State of the State address strikes upbeat tone amid ongoing pandemic
Indiana Black Legislative Caucus tackling racial disparities during 2022 session
House passes bill limiting classroom topics, requiring parental review of school curriculum
House bill limiting classroom topics, materials amended and passed in committee
After falling short in 2021, bill to limit absentee voting, tighten application process is revived for ’22
Reform groups’ legislative agenda targets voting rights, redistricting
Indiana Senate committee approves resolution calling for rare constitutional convention
With primary candidate filing less than a week away, St. Joseph County’s district lines are unresolved
‘The Tippecanoe Way:’ No drama as new county maps are approved
Hoosiers speak out on vaccine-mandate bill in 7-hour hearing
Despite the rush, maps from Monroe County’s bipartisan redistricting are well-received
In South Bend, a debate over racial gerrymandering and hiring of outside consultants in local redistricting
Indiana Chamber of Commerce announces priorities for 2022 legislative session
John Krull commentary: Gerrymandering and the race to the bottom
Lee Hamilton commentary: The documents on which our democracy rests
Shabazz awaits response from AG Rokita, SPJ demands an apology
John Krull commentary: Marie Antoinette for Indiana Attorney General
‘Maskless clerk’ lines up State Senate run in new West Lafayette-based district
Rokita press conference dispute raises questions about journalist access
Governor mum on whether he will appeal challenge to executive power
John Krull commentary: The mess made by gerrymandering
With further amendments voted down, GOP-drawn maps advance to a final vote on Friday
Senate Republicans redraw 8 Marion County districts; amended map will need House concurrence
Youth join veterans in bashing GOP maps at Senate Democrats’ hearing in Bloomington
Another round of critical testimony as redistricting process approaches its final days
John Krull commentary: Gerrymandering, an addiction politicians just can’t break
House rejects Democrats’ proposed map, advances GOP redistricting plan to final vote
Indiana Senate Republicans release their maps. See them here and follow for updates
House committee quickly approves redistricting plan, setting the stage for floor debate on Wednesday
John Krull commentary: A Roman myth, redistricting and renunciation
Charging gerrymandering in GOP plan, redistricting reformers present an alternative map
‘Gerrymandering has become an evil art, almost:’ Redistricting was the topic at Indianapolis Recorder town hall meeting
House Republicans discuss redistricting process, defend new maps in first committee hearing
House adds another public hearing on redistricting, to be held one day after release of maps
‘Gerrymandering is sin:” Faith leaders call for fair and open redistricting
Legislators unveil website for citizens to submit their own proposed redistricting maps
John Krull commentary: Todd Rokita’s odd compulsion
House, Senate leaders announce redistricting session timetable
Citizens redistricting group invites public to propose maps; competition will offer prizes for the best
John Krull commentary: They won’t listen because they don’t have to
Bigger metros, shrinking rural areas: Release of census data sets stage for Indiana’s redistricting
Torchinsky hiring comes under fire in redistricting hearing at Statehouse
As lawmakers prepare for final hearing, fair-redistricting advocates rally outside Statehouse
Reports: D.C. attorney hired for “legal advice” and help with potential litigation over redistricting
Message from Elkhart County to legislators: Fair redistricting is the best way to restore voters’ faith
Southern Indiana residents call for compact, competitive districts
Evansville audience warns legislators against the effects of gerrymandering
At Fort Wayne redistricting hearing, audience warns against a replay of 2011
The redistricting hearing was in Porter County — but public testimony focused on Lake
Democrat tells Columbus audience that redistricting hearing offers “the illusion of transparency”
Lawmakers come to Lafayette to listen, voters ask if rigged redistricting is in the cards, anyway
Legislative hearing in Anderson draws calls for transparency, charges of gerrymandering
Census Bureau to release data needed for redistricting four days earlier than expected
9 hearings in 3 days: Legislative leaders announce a tight schedule of redistricting hearings
On Elbridge Gerry’s 277th birthday, a rally against gerrymandering
Plans for September redistricting session draw criticism from voting rights groups
John Krull commentary: A public spanking for Indiana’s attorney general
Attorney general to appeal ruling in Holcomb suit against General Assembly
Braun, Young urged to reconsider opposition to For the People Act at Downtown rally
New abortion law paused by federal judge
Commentary: Gerrymandering is a squeeze on the moderate voter
New study finds Indiana among the most gerrymandered states; GOP chief calls 2011 maps “some of the most fairly drawn”
U.S. Supreme Court declines to hear Indiana vote-by-mail case
A year of change threatens the future of journalism
John Krull commentary: A system that rewards fights and punishes solutions
Campus politics and Purdue’s new civics graduation requirement
Erica Irish of named SPJ’s Indiana Student Journalist of the Year
Indiana faith leaders discuss the importance of redistricting
Republican lawmakers concerned about IU requiring COVID vaccination
Another volley of court filings in Holcomb-Rokita dispute over lawsuit
Legislative leaders offer little in response to redistricting recommendations
Do: Encourage competitiveness. Don’t: Divide communities. Citizens panel releases redistricting recommendations
“You have to look at things in the long run:” Staying optimistic while working in the superminority
Summer study committee topics for General Assembly are assigned
Senate, House override Holcomb veto on legislation curbing authority of local health officers
Second lawsuit filed against General Assembly over bill limiting governor’s authority
Lawmakers to reconvene Monday, may vote to override Holcomb vetoes
Holcomb vetoes legislation to curb authority of local health officials
Rokita files court motion to throw out Holcomb lawsuit against General Assembly
New census data shows sharp increase nationally in early and mail-in voting
Criticism floods in after Holcomb signs wetlands deregulation bill
John Krull commentary: Your tax dollars at work in the Indiana Statehouse
Weighing in, Attorney General Rokita disputes Holcomb’s authority to file suit against General Assembly
Holcomb vetoes bill requiring additional labeling of ethanol fuel