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Indiana General Assembly overrides Holcomb’s veto of trans athlete bill
Democrats ask again for suspension of state’s gas tax as prices rise
Lee Hamilton commentary: Why good investigative journalism matters
May 24 one-day session may bring veto override for trans athlete bill
From Inside Higher Ed: 8 Ways Higher Ed Can Help Save Democracy
John Krull commentary: ‘The license we give to our elected officials is one designed to allow them to serve. Not to bully.’ named best news website in collegiate contest
As president of Chamber, Brinegar has demonstrated organization’s pull in Statehouse
‘I feel like I’m the sane, moral person:’ Longshot Democrat waits on the sidelines as 2 GOP incumbents fight it out in primary
John Krull commentary: The truth, nothing but the truth
Indiana Citizen Redistricting Project wins 1st Place from Indiana SPJ
Age is the issue in Gen Z candidate’s primary challenge
Common Cause says process rather than result is the problem with council’s redistricting maps, and offers a citizen-drawn alternative
John Krull commentary: Of the people, by the people and for the people? Not even close
House District 45 incumbent challenged by fellow lawmaker’s change of address
Johnson County incumbent faces three Republican primary challengers
Five Democratic candidates take on Indy’s District 46 Senate seat
With bipartisan support and in front of a small audience, council committee approves redistricting plan
Redistricting throws two northern Indiana incumbents into competition for primary
Supreme Court hears arguments in Holcomb v. Indiana General Assembly
Indiana Fiscal Policy Institute Fiscal Notes, April 5, 2022: Inflation and Indiana’s finances
John Krull commentary: Todd Rokita’s chestnut horse
Indy Democrats unveil proposed council districts; public hearing set for April 12
Report: Legal fees in St. Joseph County redistricting are more than $315,000
From Tippecanoe County, a look at new voting machines
Rokita, Shabazz reach settlement on press-access lawsuit
In the session’s final weeks, conference committees revived legislation left for dead
Holcomb signs permitless carry bill, leaving critics concerned about safety
Vetoed trans sports bill leaves legislature poised for an override vote
John Krull commentary: Whose bruised ego are we talking about?
With Roe v. Wade ruling expected by year’s end, a special session might be on the way
Shabazz v. Rokita lawsuit could hold long-term implications for journalists
City-County Council receives redistricting report, continues to rebuff proposal for citizens commission
John Krull commentary: Of the special interests, by the special interests, for the special interests
Citizens commission launches ‘shadow’ Indianapolis city-county redistricting process
Redistricting reformers announce members of independent citizens panel to propose new city-county maps
John Krull commentary: Mike Pence, the politician who won’t stay down
Sine die: Landmark tax bill, constitutional carry legislation await governor’s action as 2022 session ends
Lee Hamilton commentary: Democracy takes it on the chin in redistricting
House concurs with Senate amendment removing new restrictions on absentee voting, sending HB 1116 to Gov. Holcomb
Legislators rush to send bills over finish line of 2022 session
Senate leaves Holcomb veto intact while House sends legislation to end emergency order
‘We’re going to see a lot more people in Walmart open carrying:’ Constitutional carry provisions return in conference committee
John Krull commentary: Behning, education and evasion
“We are all God’s children:” Despite outcry, transgender youth athlete bill heads to governor
‘Divisive concepts’ House Bill 1134 misses 2nd reading deadline, dies in Senate
House bill that would repeal handgun licensing requirement is gutted in Senate committee
As House committee deadline passes, some hoped-for bills get put back in the drawer
Town Hall forum with Rep. Carson available for viewing on You Tube channel
Election Commission removes congressional, legislative candidates from primary ballot, leaving more unchallenged
John Krull commentary: Todd Huston and the high cost of education
John Krull commentary: Two big Todd Rokita bad habits
House Speaker Huston resigns job at College Board amid criticism of his support for bill to limit curriculum
In 5-4 vote, justices reinstate Alabama voting map despite lower court’s ruling that it dilutes Black votes
ACLU joins journalist Abdul-Hakim Shabazz in First Amendment lawsuit against AG Rokita
Black political leaders call for Marion County Democratic Party chair’s resignation
Due to lack of applicants, Bloomington scales back its independent redistricting commission from 9 members to 5
Commentary: How redistricting congressional districts can undermine majority rule
‘Harmful material for minors’ bill passes despite one question: Harmful according to whom?
House passes bill limiting classroom topics, requiring parental review of school curriculum
Bill making school board elections partisan has died in committee
In township hearings, city-county redistricting process is under way with familiar complaints
Amended elections bill would add more restrictions on absentee voting
Transgender student-athlete bill draws testimony, advances to House floor
John Krull commentary: ‘Talk to the hand’ is lawmakers’ response to the public on redistricting and other issues
House passes vaccine mandate bill
City-County Council announces public hearings on redistricting
City-County Council announces public hearings on redistricting
John Krull commentary: Time to own up to our nation’s history
Education bill that drew ridicule for author’s remarks on Nazism is killed, Senate president says
‘The government emergency room:’ Chief Justice delivers State of the Judiciary address
John Krull commentary: Holcomb turns the heat down
Governor’s State of the State address strikes upbeat tone amid ongoing pandemic
Indiana Black Legislative Caucus tackling racial disparities during 2022 session
House passes bill limiting classroom topics, requiring parental review of school curriculum
House bill limiting classroom topics, materials amended and passed in committee
After falling short in 2021, bill to limit absentee voting, tighten application process is revived for ’22
Reform groups’ legislative agenda targets voting rights, redistricting
Indiana Senate committee approves resolution calling for rare constitutional convention
With primary candidate filing less than a week away, St. Joseph County’s district lines are unresolved
‘The Tippecanoe Way:’ No drama as new county maps are approved
Hoosiers speak out on vaccine-mandate bill in 7-hour hearing
Despite the rush, maps from Monroe County’s bipartisan redistricting are well-received
In South Bend, a debate over racial gerrymandering and hiring of outside consultants in local redistricting
Indiana Chamber of Commerce announces priorities for 2022 legislative session
John Krull commentary: Gerrymandering and the race to the bottom
Lee Hamilton commentary: The documents on which our democracy rests
Shabazz awaits response from AG Rokita, SPJ demands an apology
John Krull commentary: Marie Antoinette for Indiana Attorney General
‘Maskless clerk’ lines up State Senate run in new West Lafayette-based district
Rokita press conference dispute raises questions about journalist access
Governor mum on whether he will appeal challenge to executive power
John Krull commentary: The mess made by gerrymandering
With further amendments voted down, GOP-drawn maps advance to a final vote on Friday
Senate Republicans redraw 8 Marion County districts; amended map will need House concurrence
Youth join veterans in bashing GOP maps at Senate Democrats’ hearing in Bloomington
Another round of critical testimony as redistricting process approaches its final days
John Krull commentary: Gerrymandering, an addiction politicians just can’t break
House rejects Democrats’ proposed map, advances GOP redistricting plan to final vote
Indiana Senate Republicans release their maps. See them here and follow for updates
House committee quickly approves redistricting plan, setting the stage for floor debate on Wednesday
John Krull commentary: A Roman myth, redistricting and renunciation
Charging gerrymandering in GOP plan, redistricting reformers present an alternative map
‘Gerrymandering has become an evil art, almost:’ Redistricting was the topic at Indianapolis Recorder town hall meeting
House Republicans discuss redistricting process, defend new maps in first committee hearing
House adds another public hearing on redistricting, to be held one day after release of maps
‘Gerrymandering is sin:” Faith leaders call for fair and open redistricting
Legislators unveil website for citizens to submit their own proposed redistricting maps
John Krull commentary: Todd Rokita’s odd compulsion
House, Senate leaders announce redistricting session timetable
Citizens redistricting group invites public to propose maps; competition will offer prizes for the best
John Krull commentary: They won’t listen because they don’t have to
Bigger metros, shrinking rural areas: Release of census data sets stage for Indiana’s redistricting
Torchinsky hiring comes under fire in redistricting hearing at Statehouse
As lawmakers prepare for final hearing, fair-redistricting advocates rally outside Statehouse
Reports: D.C. attorney hired for “legal advice” and help with potential litigation over redistricting
Message from Elkhart County to legislators: Fair redistricting is the best way to restore voters’ faith
Southern Indiana residents call for compact, competitive districts
Evansville audience warns legislators against the effects of gerrymandering
At Fort Wayne redistricting hearing, audience warns against a replay of 2011
The redistricting hearing was in Porter County — but public testimony focused on Lake
Democrat tells Columbus audience that redistricting hearing offers “the illusion of transparency”
Lawmakers come to Lafayette to listen, voters ask if rigged redistricting is in the cards, anyway
Legislative hearing in Anderson draws calls for transparency, charges of gerrymandering
Census Bureau to release data needed for redistricting four days earlier than expected
9 hearings in 3 days: Legislative leaders announce a tight schedule of redistricting hearings
On Elbridge Gerry’s 277th birthday, a rally against gerrymandering
Plans for September redistricting session draw criticism from voting rights groups
John Krull commentary: A public spanking for Indiana’s attorney general
Attorney general to appeal ruling in Holcomb suit against General Assembly
Braun, Young urged to reconsider opposition to For the People Act at Downtown rally
New abortion law paused by federal judge
Commentary: Gerrymandering is a squeeze on the moderate voter
New study finds Indiana among the most gerrymandered states; GOP chief calls 2011 maps “some of the most fairly drawn”
U.S. Supreme Court declines to hear Indiana vote-by-mail case
A year of change threatens the future of journalism
John Krull commentary: A system that rewards fights and punishes solutions
Campus politics and Purdue’s new civics graduation requirement
Erica Irish of named SPJ’s Indiana Student Journalist of the Year
Indiana faith leaders discuss the importance of redistricting
Republican lawmakers concerned about IU requiring COVID vaccination
Another volley of court filings in Holcomb-Rokita dispute over lawsuit
Legislative leaders offer little in response to redistricting recommendations
Do: Encourage competitiveness. Don’t: Divide communities. Citizens panel releases redistricting recommendations
“You have to look at things in the long run:” Staying optimistic while working in the superminority
Summer study committee topics for General Assembly are assigned
Senate, House override Holcomb veto on legislation curbing authority of local health officers
Second lawsuit filed against General Assembly over bill limiting governor’s authority
Lawmakers to reconvene Monday, may vote to override Holcomb vetoes
Holcomb vetoes legislation to curb authority of local health officials
Rokita files court motion to throw out Holcomb lawsuit against General Assembly
New census data shows sharp increase nationally in early and mail-in voting
Criticism floods in after Holcomb signs wetlands deregulation bill
John Krull commentary: Your tax dollars at work in the Indiana Statehouse
Weighing in, Attorney General Rokita disputes Holcomb’s authority to file suit against General Assembly
Holcomb vetoes bill requiring additional labeling of ethanol fuel
Secretary of State Sullivan acknowledges fundraising ahead of allowed date
Holcomb sues General Assembly, leaders over new law curtailing his emergency powers
It’s official: Census numbers show Indiana won’t lose a seat in Congress
John Krull commentary: Call it what it is — a power grab
The session that didn’t end: Plan to reconvene for redistricting raises concerns
2021 session recesses after passage of state budget with overwhelmingly bipartisan support
Controversial elections bill dies without further action as legislature temporarily adjourns
U.S. Supreme Court prods Indiana AG to respond in suit seeking no-excuse absentee voting
Final version of budget bill uses extra funding to boost teacher pay
Author of controversial elections bill hopes to restore changes affecting absentee voting, governor’s authority
Amended legislation clears the way for reconvened session on redistricting later this year
House, Senate override veto of bill limiting governor’s power; court challenge expected
Plans for state budget to be adjusted due to $2 billion in added revenue
Bill scaling back wetlands protection is headed to Holcomb
Heavily amended elections bill passes House, returns to Senate; heading to conference committee
Legislative leaders shed some light on redistricting plans, AP reports
Holcomb signs civics education bill, seen as an early step toward improving Indiana’s civic health
John Krull commentary: Lawmakers send cash and constitution into the shredder
Committee passes elections bill but removes provisions limiting absentee voting and governor’s powers
John Krull commentary: Business and rights of conscience in Georgia
Elections bill stalls in committee after testimony in opposition; vote now scheduled for Thursday
Transformed and rewired: Sen. Fady Qaddoura’s life in public service
House committee to hear bill with absentee-voting requirements similar to Georgia legislation
John Krull commentary: Another alt-right self-pity party
Final ICRC hearing focuses on 2nd Congressional District and the tradeoffs of “compactness”
John Krull commentary: Georgia on our minds
John Krull commentary: Evan Bayh, Joe Biden and unlearned lessons
Proposal for redistricting reform is short-lived as parliamentary move ends debate
Suggestion from the 4th District: Should redistricting reform start at the grassroots?
John Krull Commentary: Yesterday’s wrongs, today’s suffering
Senate unanimously passes civics education bill
“Our districts are a mess:” ICRC hearing focuses on NE Indiana
Holli Sullivan appointed as new secretary of state
John Krull commentary: Enemies, a love story
Legislation would allow more time to finalize plans for soccer stadium
John Krull commentary: An assault on justice and truth
Police reform bill unanimously endorsed by Senate committee
Civics education bill clears Senate committee, is eligible for final vote
John Krull commentary: Not canceling, just editing
Senate committee begins review of civics education bill
Black Legislative Caucus hosts Call to Action days
First ICRC meeting centers on Marion County district lines
House passes constitutional carry; bill awaits Senate review
Budget bill passes House amid debate over education priorities
Senate passes bill giving legislature sole authority to reschedule elections, expand absentee voting
John Krull commentary: Lawmakers behaving badly, again
IndyGo transit system sees future threatened in Senate
Booing, jeering, hallway altercations mar House debate on school district boundaries bill
House overwhelmingly passes civics education bill
House passes expanded voucher program; bill goes to Senate
House overrides Holcomb veto; bill barring local regulation of landlord-tenant dealings to become law
Bill amended to give legislature sole authority to reschedule elections, expand vote-by-mail
Senate accepts House changes on COVID lawsuit protections; bill heads to Holcomb
Indiana Citizens Redistricting Commission announces 9 members
Secretary of State Lawson announces plans to resign; Holcomb to appoint successor
Constitutional carry clears one committee, heads to another for review
COVID lawsuit immunity bill passes House
House committee endorses civics ed requirement for middle schools
Senate votes to override Holcomb veto of landlord/tenant bill
John Krull commentary: Susan Bayh and the steel behind the smile
Vote-by-mail, other amendments to elections bills are again voted down along party lines
Indiana Citizens Redistricting Commission announces schedule of public hearings
Buttigieg confirmed as transportation secretary
Young joins COVID relief talks with White House
House committee votes down no-excuse absentee voting amendment
Senate passes COVID lawsuit immunity amid debate
John Krull commentary: Holcomb talks, rather than speaks
Holcomb praises Indiana’s position despite pandemic in virtual State of the State
Bill targeting unemployment fraud draws debate