A new poll finds that policies designed to prevent gun violence and improve racial equity are highly important among women voters of color. (Photo/

This story was originally published by Public News Service.

By Suzanne Potter, producer

Public News Service

May 14, 2024

More than one in five Americans is a woman of color and a new poll shows they are not feeling heard and want policymakers to address issues they care about. The poll comes from a coalition of civil rights groups called Intersections of our Lives.

Lupe Rodriguez, executive director of the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Justice says while motivation across the electorate is lower than in the past – candidates who want to win must pay attention to women of color.

“Women-of-color voters can’t be underestimated. Elections are often decided by narrow margins. We should not be seen as low-propensity voters, we need to be seen as high-potential voters, and folks can’t afford to take us for granted,” she explained.

The poll found nearly nine in ten women of color say voting is extremely or very important. Women’s rights and abortion, combined,are top issues for 31% of Black women, 34% of Latinas, and 36% of AAPI women.

Roshni Nedungadi, chief research officer and founding partner of the public opinion research firm HIT Strategies, said women voters of color are highly concerned about economic issues that affect their everyday lives – and not just high grocery prices.

“They’re thinking about access to affordable health care, including abortion and birth control. They’re thinking about more affordable housing, they’re thinking of course about cost of living, job creation,and closing the pay gap,” she continued.

The poll also found that 93% of Black women, 84% of AAPI women,79% of Latinas agree with the statement that racism has gone on too long and that policies to advance racial equity are long overdue.

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