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John Schick

John Schick

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John Schick, the Libertarian candidate for state auditor, said the position should be filled by someone from an alternate party, rather than the one in power.

“The people in the Senate and in Congress and the governor – who are all making decisions to spend money – all tend to be playing on the same team with the auditor,” Schick said. “People should consider that it’s probably best not to have the auditor on the same political party.”

Schick also ran for auditor in 2014 and 2018, and said he’s seen dramatic improvements in the state’s transparency portal since he first ran.

“As a Libertarian, I am looking to reduce the cost of government, increase liberty and freedom, and reduce restrictions and regulations,” said Schick, who works for an advisory firm that does data and analytics. “The state’s auditor position isn’t really conducive to pursuing any of those particular goals because the auditor is more of an administrative position, not a policy position.” -- Indiana Capital Chronicle