Jennifer Westerhaus Adams

African American Community Fund of St. Joseph County

Beverly Agnew 

Chris and Nancy Aldridge


Katie Anthony

Dan and Kate Appel

Courtney Arango

Denise M. Arie

Fred and Kathi Armstrong

Rebecca Aurand

Edward Ayoob

Robin Babbitt

Steve Badger

Vicky Bailey

Nathan Baker

Jody Banks

Trudy Banta

Charles Bantz and Sandra Petronio

Kenneth R. Barker

Matthew and Kellie Barr

Jennifer Barth

Chris Barton

Katrina and Frank Basile

In Memory of Senators Birch E. Bayh, Jr. and Richard G. Lugar

Chris and Jessica Bayh

Evan and Susan Bayh

Alison Becker

Susan Belton

Steve Benz

Neil Berman

Bill and Flor Bickel

Brad and Lindsey Bingham

Judy and Jon Birge

Jean Blackwell

Marvin Blade

Bob Blaemire

Kim Blanchet

David and Ann Bochnowski

Jacob Bonifield

Jon Bonsall

Ann S. Borne

Madeline Bornstein

Barbara Bosch

Jay and Laurie Boyd

John Breen

Wesley Broquard

JoAnn Brouillette

John Brown

Randy Brown

Michael Browning

Mark Buckingham

Brian and Bethany Burdick

Craig Burkhardt

Amy Burklow

Moira and Bill Carlstedt

Jan Carroll

David Carter

Brian Casey

Elizabeth Casselman

Beth and Fred Cate

Nick Catino

Donna DeVault Clark

Hillary Close

Community Foundation of St. Joseph County

Kevin Corcoran

Coriden Glover, LLC

Russ and Mary Lou Cox

Chelsea Haring-Cozzi and Anthony Cozzi

John Crane

Helene and Bob Cross

Julie Crow

CSO Architects

Paul and Jennifer Cvar

Miriam Dant

Janilyn Daub

Kathy and John Davis

Jodie Daugherty

Michelle Davis

Susan Guyett and David Dawson

Terry Dawson

Julie Del Genio

Ann and Ed DeLaney

Kathleen DeLaney and Jim Strenski

Andrew Detherage

Louis Dezelan

Thomas and Nancy Dinwiddie

Bruce Donaldson

Greg Downes

Mary Downes

Amy Dudas

Clifford Duggan Jr.

Duke Energy Foundation

Charles R. Dunlap

Claudia Earls

Joe Eaton

Mollie Eley

Niel and Karen Ellerbrook

Melody Ellert

Robin Elmerick

Dan and Marilyn Evans

Teresa Exline

Phil Faccenda

Danielle Falconer

Kevin Faley

Nate Feltman

Chris and Paje Felts

David Findlay

John Fischer

George and Mary Fitzpatrick

Kevin and Anna Flynn

Andrew Fogle

Trevor and Whitney Foughty

Anita Fox

Shaw and Greta Friedman

Frost Brown Todd PAC

Karen Gahl-Mills

Lou and Ty Gerig

Cheryl Gettelfinger

Sam Giesting

Sue Anne Gilroy

Fred and Barb Glass

Marianne Glick

Howard Gobstein

Michael and Rita Goldenberg

Cheryl Gonzalez

David Goodrich

Richard and Laurie Gordon

Jeanine Gozdecki

Kirk Grable and Lori Barnhart

Dwight Graham

Mark and Meredith Gramelspacher

Kyle Grand

Bob and Melody Grand

Ann Grayson

Barbara Green

Julie Griffith

Sean Griggs

J. Michael Grubbs

Tom Guevara

Jim Gutting

John W. Guy

Lena Hackett

Bonnie and Dan Hackler

Greg Hahn

Rick and Tami Hall

Rashid and Katie Hallaway

Carey Hamilton

John Hammond and Diana Hamilton

Nancy and Marshall Hanley

John and Vicki Hardin

Sarah Harrell

David Harris

Rina Harris

Charles Harting

Jeffrey Haverly

Randy Haymaker

Linda Heitzman

Paul Helmke

Brian and Louise Henderson

Hendricks County Community Foundation

Jane Henegar and Matt Gutwein

Brandt Hershman

David Herzog

Barbara Hiser

William Hogg

Susan Holewinski

Becky Honeywell

Matthew and Jody Hook

Martha and David Hoover

Al and Kathy Hubbard

Benjamin Huddleston

Matt Impink


Indiana State Teachers Association

Indianapolis Colts Players’ Action Fund for Equality

The Indianapolis Foundation, a CICF Affiliate

Krisztina and Ken Inskeep

Pamella Jahnke

Marcia Root Jansen

Brian Jarman

Kyle Jaros

Tim Jeffers

Martin and Patty Jischke

Stephen Joiner

Christian Jones

Marilyn A. Jones

Clarke Kahlo

Randal Kaltenmark

Kelley Karn

Steven Karn

Kassem\/Davis\/Colten Families

Ronald Katz

Gregg and Jannett Keesling

Margo Kelly

Jeanne and Rod Kelsay

Evan Kelsay and Erin McLaughlin

Melina Kennedy

Sheila Kennedy

Maggie Kernan

Nick Kile

Mickey and Jenny Kim

Anne and Alan Kimbell

John and Kathryn Kish

Andrew Klein

Angela Carr Klitzsch

Don Knebel

Jennifer Knebel

Michael Knight

John and Julia Koenig

Andrew Korty

Alison Kothe

Bob Kraft

John Kyle

Martha and Ned Lamkin

Michael Langellier

Ann Latscha

Mark Lawrance

Barbara Lawrence

Bob and Peggy Lazard

Tom and Robin Ledyard

Barbara Leeth

Rachel Lerman

Nancy Lesser

Christine and David Letts

Alan and Mary Levin

Michael Levitan

Bonnie Lewis

Linda Lewis

Jan Lindemann

Jessica Lindemann

Joe and Susan Loftus

Teresa and Mark Lubbers

Lumina Foundation

Donald Lundberg

Elizabeth Moreau Lusink and Baxter Lusink

Alexandra Lynch

Barbara MacDougall

David Maidenberg

John Maley

Jeff and Julie Mallamad

Marissa Manlove

Steven Mannheimer

Janet Mansfield

Donna and Bill Marsh

David Mason

Michael S. (Mickey) Maurer

Jim and Jane McClelland

William McConnell

Tim and Jane McGinley

Muffet McGraw

Holly and Phil McKiernan

Sarah McNaught

Kaye McSpadden

Owen (Bud) and Chris Melton

Bill and Jane Merrill

David and Lisa Meyers

Kendall Millard

Ron Miller

Alan and Sally Mills

Lauri Miro

Judith Mishler

Sallie Jo Mitzell

Lily Mollabashy

Janet Moran

Ann and Bill Moreau

In memory of William D. Bickel and Col. (ret.) Donald W. Moreau

Katie Moreau and Dan Boritt

Linda Moreau

Madelyn and Kevin Morgan

Greg and Joyce Morris

Peter Morse

Kevin Murray

Rufus (Bud) Myers

Edward W. Najam, Jr.

Fred and Nancy Nation

Network for Good

Julie and Jim Newland

Kent and Judy Newton

John Niemeyer

John Noel

Jane and Lewis Norman

Sabra Northam

Jackie Nytes and Michael O’Brien

Michael and Anne O’Connor

Samuel Odle

Bill Oesterle

John Olivieri

Alex and Katie Orlowski

Nancy Papas

Bill and Bernie Paradise

Sharon and Kirk Parr

Kay Pashos and Neal Steinbart

Brian and Gail Payne

Ben Pearlman

Marie Christine Pence

Lu Pennal and Stan Mikosz

Peoples Bank

Frank Perri

Grant Peters

Amy and Bart Peterson

Tonya Pfaff

Diane and Hud Pfeiffer

Matthew Pierce

Jessamine Pilcher

Aja May Pirtle

Barb Pitman

Tom Pitman

David Poisson

James and Kathryn Poole

Kathi and Bob Postlethwait

Erika Powers

Myrta Pulliam

Jeff and Julie Qualkinbush

Brad Queisser

Jeff Rasley

Rebecca Reeder

Terri Reilly

Gary Reiter

Reuben Family Foundation

Candice Reuben

Robert and Carol Reynolds

Stephen Reynolds

Charles Richardson

Sally Rideout

Timothy Riffle and Sarah McConnell

Jay and Brenda Rigdon

Dan and Lisa Riley

Blake Roebuck

Randy Rompola

Terri Roney

Marya and Tony Rose

John and Susan Ross

Mark Rust

Samerian Foundation, Inc.

Michael Sample and Jhani Laupus

Trent Sandifur

Chris Sautter

Chris Scanlon

Jim and Laura Schellinger

John Schlechte

Douglas Schoen

Steve and Brynne Schultz

Richard Schwartz

Eric and Jennifer Scroggins

Todd Sears

David and Donna Sease

Gene and Joanne Sease

Leah Seigel

Charlotte Sellers

Joan SerVaas and Larry Roan

Amy W. MacDonell and Randall T. Shepard

Pat and Lisa Shoulders

William Shrewsberry

Herbert Simon Family Foundation

Vi Simpson and Bill McCarty

Ona Sircy-Dunaway

Cynthia Simon Skjodt

Joanne Smith

Mike and Sue Smith

Monica Brownewell Smith

Jeff and Heather Smulyan

Ann M. Stack

Rich and Janet Starkey

Travis Stegemoller

Jeremy Stephenson

Joni Sterne

Jane Ade Stevens and Roger Stevens

John Stevens

Robert Strohmeyer

Kevin Strunk

Anthony Sullivan

Brian and Mary Ann Sullivan

Frank and Cheryl Sullivan

John Sullivan

Robert Herzog and Kay Swank-Herzog

Janet and Kevin Sweet

Ellen Szarleta

Donald Tanselle

Michael Terry

Kip Tew

Jill Long Thompson

John Tinder

Betty Tonsing

Alan and Ruth Ann Townsend

Marilyn Moran-Townsend and Bill Townsend

Mark Townsend

Wayne Turner

Tony and Suzanne Twist

Jerimi and Kristin Ullom

Universal Roofing, LLC

University of Notre Dame

Catherine A. Usher

Kevin and Stephene VandenBrink

Emily and Adam VanOsdol

Mark Varnau

David Vice

Elliot Vice

Jennifer and Gary Vigran

Tom and Tina Vujovich

Denise Wagner

Katherine Walker

Michael E. Wallace

David and Susan Wantz

Amy Conrad Warner

Linda Warner

Jennifer Washburn

Adrienne Watson

Paul Weber

Matt Wells

Julia Whitehead

Gary Wiggins

Curt Wiley and Priscilla Fossum

Heather Willey

Susan and Brian Williams

Eric Williams

Mark Williams

Maura Sullivan Williams

Diane Willis and Clyde Lee

David Willkie

Marguerite Winslow

John Krauss and Marnie Maxwell

Cynthia Kretz

Sarah Kuhny

Robin and Charlitta Winston

Mitzi and Tom Witchger

Steve Wolff

Dave Wortman and Melissa Greenwell

David and Stephanie Wright

Christopher and Simone Yeomans

Greg and Kerrie Zoeller

Sally Zweig

Les Zwirn