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Republican Birth Date: 01/21/66

Southeast of Indianapolis, Indiana House District 57 centers on Shelby County and its county seat of Shelbyville. Though adjacent to Marion County and part of the Indianapolis metropolitan area, Shelby County is more rural than suburban, and has shared less in the area’s rapid development than its neighbors.  The district has been represented since 2006 by Republican Sean Eberhart, a Purdue-trained industrial engineer with an IU MBA; he left Roche Diagnostics after starting his own tool-rental business in Shelbyville. His official biography describes Eberhart as a strong advocate for individual rights, personal responsibility, limited government and fiscal integrity, and he uses these core principles as he considers legislation.’’

Eberhart broke with Republican leadership in 2014 to oppose House Joint Resolution 3, which would’ve recognized marriages only between different genders, and in 2016 to oppose a bill, eventually signed into law, which further limited access to abortions in Indiana, banning them for a variety of reasons including fetal defects. Explaining his vote from the House floor, he said he decided to oppose the bill after discussing it the night before with his wife, whom he described as “about as pro-life as they come … Today is a perfect example of a bunch of middle-aged guys sitting in this room making decisions about what we think is best for women. We need to quit pretending we know what’s best for women and their health care needs.’’ In 2017, he authored legislation that allows victims of domestic violence or others granted a protective order to carry a handgun without a permit, bypassing the permitting process, background checks and administrative fees; Eberhart said he intended the legislation, passed along party lines and signed into law, to provide added protection for victims.

Eberhart was one of the legislature’s earliest advocates of doing away with Indiana’s blue laws which banned Sunday carryout sales of alcohol, authoring House bills in several sessions before the enactment of a Senate bill allowing the practice in 2018; He also introduced bills to allow table games at horse racing casinos like Indiana Downs near Shelbyville, a change that was finally allowed in an omnibus gaming ball enacted in 2019. Also in 2019, as rental electric foot scooters began appearing on the streets of Downtown Indianapolis and other Indiana cities, Eberhart authored legislation, passed and signed into law, that placed some regulations on their use, to which bicycle rather than motor vehicle laws would apply – for example, that they can’t be used on sidewalks and that renters rather than owners take financial responsibility for accidents and damage; Eberhart rode one of the scooters down a House aisle to the podium to make his final argument for its passage.

The district has been held by Republicans since the 1980s, and Eberhart last faced a Democratic opponent in 2012, winning by a 2-to-1 margin. His only opposition seems to come in the Republican primary; Eberhart fended off challenges in both 2018 and 2020. – Kevin Morgan


(800) 382-9841
200 West Washington Street Indianapolis, IN 46204


  • MBA, Indiana University - Purdue University at Indianapolis, 1996
  • BSIE, Industrial Engineering, Purdue University, 1988


Natural Resources (chair), Environmental Affairs, Financial Institutions, Public Policy


SB 198-2019 (Sentencing, bias crimes). Allowed longer sentences in crimes based on personal characteristics, stripped of references to sexual orientation, gender identity and race. Yes

SB 516-2019 (Regulation of hemp). Allowed cultivation and regulation of hemp products in Indiana, did not change marijuana laws. Yes

HB 1001-2019 (State budget). Set funding for state agencies and services, including 2.5% annual increases for education, though not directly for teacher salaries. Yes

HB 1004-2019 (School safety). Increased access to funding for security systems and resource officers, was stripped of provisions for mental health screening. Yes

HB 1015-2019 (Various gaming matters). Allowed sports betting statewide and table games in more casinos, relocated a casino in Gary and authorizing a new one in Terre Haute. Yes

SB 1-2020 (Tobacco and vaping). Raised from 18 to 21 the legal age to buy tobacco or vaping products in Indiana. No

SB 148-2020 (Zoning and housing matters). Was amended to overrule local tenant protection measures like those in Indianapolis, Bloomington and Merrillville. Vetoed by governor. Yes

HB 1004-2020 (Health matters). Controlled surprise billing for out-of-network and other costs. No

HB 1070-2020 (Distracted driving). Made it an infraction to handle a cell phone while operating a motor vehicle. No

HB 1414-2020 (Electric generation). Prohibited utilities from closing coal-fired generating plants without permission from the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission. Yes


Indiana Trial Lawyers Association, $2,500
Indiana Multi-Family Housing, $2,500
Indiana Bankers Association, $2,000
Reynolds American, $1,000
Indiana Association of Rural Electric Cooperatives, $1,000


National Rifle Association Candidate Positions on Gun Rights 100
Indiana Manufacturers Association Positions 100
Indiana Manufacturers Association Lifetime Positions 86
Indiana Chamber of Commerce Positions (4 Year Average) 92
Indiana Chamber of Commerce Positions 89
LEAP Forward Positions (Indianna) 21
Citizens Action Coalition of Indiana Positions 42
Citizens Action Coalition of Indiana Lifetime Positions 33
National Rifle Association Candidate Positions on Gun Rights 100
Indiana AFL-CIO Positions 13


Small Business Owner, Advantage Tool Rental, Inc.


Population: 64,283

Race/Ethnic Origin: 95.7% White, 0.9% Black, 0.6% Asian, 1.6% Other, 1.1% Two or More, 3.2% Hispanic, 94.2% White Non-Hispanic.