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Holcomb signs civics education bill, seen as an early step toward improving Indiana’s civic health

Follow our legislative coverage at The Indiana Citizen, in partnership with UPDATE: Gov. Eric Holcomb on April 8 signed House Enrolled Act 1384 into law. Under the legislation, civics education will become a required class in Indiana middle schools and a 15-member Indiana Civic Education Commission will be established to determine and oversee curriculum. […]

John Krull commentary: Lawmakers send cash and constitution into the shredder

The conservative Indiana lawmakers who say they love constitutional principles have a funny way of showing it. The state’s lawmakers in the Indiana General Assembly just sent their plan to curtail some of the Indiana governor’s emergency powers to Gov. Eric Holcomb’s desk. Holcomb has vowed to veto the measure. He says it’s unconstitutional. Holcomb […]

Committee passes elections bill but removes provisions limiting absentee voting and governor’s powers

Follow our legislative coverage at The Indiana Citizen, in partnership with UPDATE: An elections bill that drew sharp criticism for provisions limiting absentee voting and weakening the governor’s authority to reschedule an election was heavily amended in a House Elections and Apportionment Committee meeting Thursday, leaving virtually none of the controversial provisions intact. Senate […]

John Krull commentary: Business and rights of conscience in Georgia

Major league baseball’s decision to pull the All-Star game away from Atlanta has provoked outrage on the right. The MLB did so to distance the game from the Georgia state government’s attempts to rig elections. The Georgia legislature passed and Georgia’s governor, Republican Brian Kemp, signed into law a measure that, among other things, would: […]

Elections bill stalls in committee after testimony in opposition; vote now scheduled for Thursday

Follow our legislative coverage at The Indiana Citizen, in partnership with UPDATE: An elections bill with a provision likened to controversial legislation in Georgia stalled briefly Tuesday morning in a House committee after more than two hours of testimony largely in opposition to it. Senate Bill 353 authored by Sen. Erin Houchin, R-Salem, is […]

House committee to hear bill with absentee-voting requirements similar to Georgia legislation

Follow our legislative coverage at The Indiana Citizen, in partnership with In 2020, Gov. Eric Holcomb delayed the primary election from May until June and loosened restrictions on absentee voting as Indiana coped with the outbreak of COVID-19.  Under legislation proposed a year later, he wouldn’t be able to do either.  Senate Bill 353 […]

John Krull commentary: Another alt-right self-pity party

Poor Jim Lucas. The Republican Indiana representative from Seymour who just loves, loves, loves guns and racially charged memes is in the middle of another controversy. This latest dust-up is a particularly Lucas-like tragic farce. It’s filled with alt-right half-truths and outright whoppers and ends with Lucas, as usual, feeling sorry for himself. It began, […]

John Krull commentary: Georgia on our minds

Many Americans have Georgia on their minds these days. The Peach State has become a kind of Rorschach test for this country. People on opposite sides of the United States’ great partisan and ideological dividing line look at the same facts and events in Georgia and see entirely different pictures. The latest image to split […]

John Krull commentary: Evan Bayh, Joe Biden and unlearned lessons

Some lessons people have to learn again and again. And some lessons they never learn at all. Years ago, when Evan Bayh was governor, a Republican chieftain told me his party had made a fundamental mistake with the then young prince of the Indiana Democratic Party. This was near the end of Bayh’s governorship. He […]