Tom Ashcraft

Being a fiscally conservative Democrat means critiquing every single cent spent and prioritizing what funds need to be allocated for the citizens we represent in our nation. We need leaders who can make sound decisions regarding budgeting, spending, and investments to ensure long-term stability and sustainability.

Our education system is being weaponized. Indiana ranks near the bottom of the U.S. on education rates. We must do better to help the next generation. I’m all for elevating education and enabling everyone for a brighter future.

By prioritizing rural development and environmental stewardship, we can work with resilient rural communities by fostering sustainable, eco-friendly practices.

Healthcare is a fundamental right that should be accessible to all and it is essential that we prioritize the well-being of individuals over corporate interests. By fostering a system that values the health and welfare of every person, we can create a society where everyone has equal and fair access to quality healthcare.